About AAPN

About Us

 AAPN - Asian Animal Protection Network aims to develop intra-regional co-operation and provide an entry point for enquiries from other regions. It is a loose, cost-effective network for exchanging information and ideas and general mutual support. Issues include but are not limited to: animal welfare, animal rights, vegetarian  (vegan) concerns, humane education, wildlife habitat conservation, traditional medicine, zoos, safari parks, circuses, the fur trade, elephants, bears, tigers, wolves, dogs, cats, etc. 

Education is our prime focus - sharing information, news, published material etc.
We invite submissions of original material.
Dr John Wedderburn founded AAPN in the late 90s. (Link to John's Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/DrJohnWedderburn ).
We are registered as a 'Society' in Hong Kong.
This website has been visible since late 1999.
We are systematically adding all of our archive material to the site.
Examples - original books, magazines, pamphlets written by:-
  • Anna Kingsford
  • Asenath Nicholson
  • Bronson & William Andrus Alcott
  • Cathie & Dugald Semple
  • Charles W. Forward
  • Donald Watson
  • Dr William Lambe
  • Edith Carrington
  • Elizabeth & William Horsell
  • Ernest Bell M.A.
  • Eva Batt
  • Frances Power Cobbe
  • Freya & H. Jay Dinshah
  • George Bernard Shaw
  • George T. Angell
  • Harry Mather
  • Henry S. Salt
  • Joseph Ritson
  • Josiah Oldfield
  • Lewis Gompertz
  • Louise Lind af-Hageby
  • Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • Rev Frances Newman
  • Richard (Humanity Dick) Martin
  • Russell Thacher Trall
  • Sir Richard Phillips
  • Sylvester Graham
  • Sylvia & Bertram Lloyd
  • The Pythagoreans
  • Thomas I. M. Forster
  • Walburga, Lady Paget
.......and many other old friends.
We will be inviting you to 'adopt' old publications & to help us to acquire others as they are offered to us. 
The Humanitarian League

The Humanitarian League was dissolved temporarily in 1919 - we will systematically be reprinting their superb books & pamphlets.
Fundraising - assisting groups in their fundraising activities will be a major focus of the site.
We have remarkable & growing collection of historical material - detailing old campaigns which can be duplicated / used as source material.
Example collections:-
The Animals' Friend Society
The Dumb Friends' League (The Blue Cross Fund)
The Society for the Abolition of Cruel Sports
The Canine Defense League
Our Policy
Writings / comments / posts 'telling' people what to think, strongly criticizing particular groups (or individuals) or promoting groups (or individuals) which support particular animal species at the expense of others will be respectfully declined.