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Haikou Zoo Photographs. Please click on thumbnail for full picture! 1. Old Zoo (Haikou Public Park) November 1999
Two pictures of masturbating stump-tailed macaque: baboon3.bmp (921654 bytes) baboon4.bmp (921678 bytes)    
Moon Bears: bear6.bmp (921678 bytes) bears.bmp (921654 bytes) SunBear: sunbear2.bmp (921678 bytes)
Deer: cervus.bmp (921678 bytes)     Monkey: haikoumonk.jpg (84728 bytes)   
Domestic Cat: cat.bmp (921654 bytes)
August 2003: CLOSED!!          
2. Golden Bull Ridge Zoo
Pictures from November 1999
Monkey Hill: monkey hill Performance Ads:  performance pics Photo Ads:  photo pics  photo pics Teasing Notice:  teasing notice
Moon Bear:  moon bear     Another Sign:   haikousign2.jpg (51173 bytes)  Civet:  Civet Foxes:  Fox hkfox.jpg (66869 bytes)
Panda:  Panda 1 Panda 2 Lesser Panda:  Lesser Panda Tiger and Chicken: Tiger + Chicken Bear watching Chicken:  brown bear watching Chicken
Lion:  Lion Leopard:  Leopard Elephant:  Elephant Dalmatian:  Dalmatian hkdalm.jpg (56504 bytes)
St Bernard under treatment: Clinic  Solitary Confinement: Another no hope lifer Great Dane: hkgdane.jpg (65591 bytes) solitary Confinement haikou24.jpg (38307 bytes)
German Shepherds: haikou25.jpg (38985 bytes)      Macaca in cage-within-a-cage:  haikou23.jpg (20883 bytes) Young  Jaguar:  haikoujag.jpg (56777 bytes)  hkleopard.jpg (42727 bytes) Wolves:  haikouwolf1.jpg (77826 bytes)
haikouwolf2.jpg (92990 bytes) hkwolves.jpg (92781 bytes) hkwolves2.jpg (73919 bytes) hkwolves3.jpg (84273 bytes)
Pictures from August 2003:
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