Hsinchu Zoo Photos

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Hsinchu Zoo

1. February 1998

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Orang utans:

Hsorang5.jpg (62500 bytes)      HSORANG8.jpg (213610 bytes)      HSORANG7.jpg (218749 bytes)


Aviary (approx. 1.5 diam; 2.2m high):

Hsaviar1.jpg (54256 bytes)

Masked Palm Civet:

Hscivet1.jpg (30859 bytes)       HSCIVET2.jpg (229655 bytes)

New Aviary for 5 Common Hawks (approx. 4 x 3 x 3

Hshawks1.jpg (50302 bytes)

Formosan Macaque:

Hsmacac1.jpg (20792 bytes)


Hspheas1.jpg (61157 bytes)

Nepal Kalij:

Hspheas2.jpg (62431 bytes)


HSRABT1.jpg (262881 bytes)      HSRABT2.jpg (229029 bytes)

Snow Leopards:

HSSNOWLP.jpg (265190 bytes)

Tiger on left; frantically pacing Sunbears on right (in entrance, difficult to see in photograph):

HSSUNB1.jpg (229364 bytes)

2. July 1999

Masked Palm Civet

a] His accommodation:

      hsicivt4.jpg (208384 bytes)

b] and c] How cute:

     hsicivt1.jpg (189565 bytes)
     hsicivt2.jpg (194133 bytes)

d] Wretched skin disease:

    hsicivt5.jpg (192751 bytes)
      hsicivt3.jpg (199807 bytes)


Formosan Macaque (same one as before in the same cage in the same
position still by himself fully exposed to the taunts of the crowd):

hsimaca.jpg (257067 bytes)   

A gallery of imprisoned primates - the Orang Utans of Hsinchu.
Solitary Confinement for Life:

hsioran1.jpg (193337 bytes)     hsioran2.jpg (198974 bytes)     hsioran3.jpg (186653 bytes)     hsioran4.jpg (223651 bytes)     hsioran5.jpg (224476 bytes)     hsioran6.jpg (220013 bytes)    

Some other inmates:

HSIPHEAS.jpg (221738 bytes)     HSIRHINO.jpg (232576 bytes)     HSISCOPS.jpg (185630 bytes)

See: Letter to the Mayor of Hsinchu.

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