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Live longer, live better, go vegetarian   

- a slogan from the Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine.

If you feel you want to help animals, the simplest, quickest and most effective thing to do is to stop eating them. It is particularly important to stop eating dairy products (i.e. veganism) as these involve gross abuse of cows, serious environmental damage and are very bad for human health. Not only will you save the animals you might have eaten but you will influence many other people by your example of concern and compassion. For more about food animals see:  

Food and Medicine Animals

If you want to help the environment, the simplest, quickest and most effective thing to do is to stop eating animals. An omnivorous human requires ten times more land space for food production than does a vegetarian. Therefore by stopping eating meat, you free up land to feed the world's starving and to ease the pressure on rain forests and other valuable resources.  

If you want to help your health, the simplest, quickest and most effective thing to do is to stop eating animals. A varied vegetarian, and especially a vegan, diet ensures your optimal nutrition - you automatically cut down on cholesterol, fats and carcinogens and increase your intake of fibre and anti-oxidants - thus dramatically reducing your chances of heart disease and cancer - the major killers in the industrialised countries. A word of warning - strictly speaking, tea and buns or coca-cola and french fries are vegan diets; but they are not healthy! A variety of the four new food groups should be eaten - Vegetables, Grains, Fruits and Legumes. This is not difficult or complicated despite what many people will tell you. On the contrary it is fun and the food tastes great! And the conscience is clear! 

If you want to enjoy your life, the simplest, quickest and most effective thing to do is to become vegetarian. Your meals will become more interesting and varied, your physical and mental feeling of well-being will improve and you will make better friends.

We encourage all who are interested in the theme of compassion to join us. We believe that after you have seen what we have seen, you will wish to give up eating meat - but that must be left to you to consider in your own good time.

Please also visit the Food and Medicine Animal Page.

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Nutrition Facts - The Latest in 
Nutrition Research


For information on Atypical Pneumonia, click SARS.

You gotta see this: Meatrix !

Atkins Diet

The Worldwide 
Millennium Vegetarian Pledge:

"We hereby pledge to bring about a 21st century in which the human 
race will finally make peace with the animal kingdom.  Human beings will no longer kill, maim, torture or exploit fellow sentient beings for food or other purposes. Animals will have fundamental rights which will be internationally recognized.

"It is clear beyond any doubt that the survival of the human race depends upon the survival of the forests and other natural resources and of the animals with whom we share this planet. We pledge to protect all of them.

"We oppose the introduction of animal genes into plant foods.

"The human race will reach the pinnacle of civilization when it extends the hand of friendship to the animal kingdom and returns to the healthy plant-based diet best suited to the moral and physical needs of our species, thus avoiding the related evils of animal exploitation, human starvation and environmental destruction.

"At the close of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, let us make a tryst with destiny to create a world free of violence towards all living beings who are dependent on our love and compassion. 

Together let us embark on that journey which will bring about a world in which all animals are treated with compassion and mercy and accorded rights that human beings take for granted."

What is a Vegetarian?

Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish or poultry. Vegans are vegetarians who abstain from 
eating or using all animal products, including milk, cheese, other dairy items, eggs, wool, silk, and leather. Among the many reasons for being a vegetarian are health, ecological, and religious concerns, dislike of meat, compassion for animals, belief in non-violence, and economics. The American Dietetic Association has affirmed that a vegetarian diet can meet all known nutrient needs - and most medical authorities are now agreeing that it is actually much healthier. The key to a healthy vegetarian diet, as with any other diet, is to eat a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, plenty of leafy greens, whole grain products, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

What is wrong with Dairy 

Vegatopia: Promoting ethical veganism through academic research and teaching.

Why Vegan?  - MUST read site!

Chinese version of "Why Vegan?"


Chinese Why Vegan

Chinese Language Files -
Vegan Outreach

Vegan Action
The NOTMILK Homepage!
- some over statement of the case but a lot of useful stuff!
Milk Sucks
download of "Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating"

For more on milk see the bottom of this 

Who benefits from YOU changing your diet?

Think Vegan - Equality for all 
Vegan Activist - Building Animal


If you want to go further than veganism:

Making the Change to a Vegetarian Diet

Most people make the change gradually - they first cut down on red meat, then cut it out, then give up poultry, then fish and finally they realise that all animal products should go. Others do it overnight! Do what works best for you. It can be helpful to join your local Vegetarian or Vegan Society or make vegetarian friends.

You can obtain support to change to a healthier and more compassionate life style from:

Vegetarian Society of Hong Kong, PO Box 517, Sheung Shui, N.T., Hong Kong. Telephone: + 852 2679 3350

Hong Kong Vegan Society - e-mail: 
Also the IVU:                   
            (12323 bytes)
The IVU site has a Chinese Version -
click here: 
IVU Chinese Version

And the UK Vegan Society:
UK Vegan Society

So you 
wanna be a Vegan?

Los Angeles Times article on
Vegetarianism in China

The Mad

Vegan Voice
Get started
with vegetarianism

Veg Pledge
Veggie Vision

Being a vegetarian is as hard or as easy as you 
choose to make it. Some people enjoy planning and preparing elaborate meals, while others opt for quick and easy vegetarian dishes.  Want some easy suggestions for what to eat?

International Vegetarian Union - Recipes Around the World.

Vegan Recipe Directory

Eating out in Hong Kong

There are numerous little shops selling 
vegetarian snacks but generally it is difficult being sure of what you are getting unless you speak the language or have a friend who can interpret for you.  The following is

a sample to get you started:

For an Indian Vegetarian meal in TST
East, there is Wo
odlands, UG/F,
16-17 Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Road, TST East, Kowloon Tel: 2369 3718

For an Indian Vegetarian meal
in the
heart of TST, try Branto's Pure Veg Indian Food, 1/F, 9 Lock Road, TST, Kowloon (Behind 
the Hyatt Regency Hotel). Tel: 2366 8171. Very good and inexpensive lunch buffet on Tuesdays. Remember to tell the staff that you don't eat dairy products!


Aashirwad Vegetarian Cuisine

For Chinese Buddhist Buffet,
there is the Vegetarian Dynasty Restaurant at Basement, Eastern Flower Centre, 22-24 Cameron Road, TST, Kowloon. and G/F Emperor Centre

E Vege Restaurant

288 Hennessy Rd, Wanchai (at G10 and B11-20 Emperor Group Centre)
Tel:  2628 0172

On Lamma Island there are the Bookworm Cafe and the
Green Cottage
- both on
Yung Shue Wan's Main Street.
kworm:  tel: 2982 4838; fax:
2982 0627,
79 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island.
Almost all the restaurants on Lamma have good veggie choices.

See also:

Kong Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

Hong Kong Vegan Society: Restaurants
and Shops in Hong Kong

Vegetarian Hong Kong
International Vegetarian Club of Beijing


Organic in Hong Kong

Green Foundation


Travelling as a Vegan 
Cuisine - Restaurants and Travel

Vegetarian phrases - IVU
Vegan Village

Very useful cards explaining the vegan diet can be obtained from:
TVT, P.O. Box 410205, Cambridge, MA 02141  USA.
The UK Vegan Society has a booklet of the same kind of thing called the
Vegan Passport - obtainable from:
The Vegan Society, Donald Watson House, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea,
East Sussex TN37 7AA, UK.

Why do you stand
there/animals are dying?

why do you stand there, 
with a blank look in your eye,
why do you pretend,
you're deaf to the cry?
when you see it everywhere,
every time you turn around,
its written in the wind,
every sight and every sound,
the animals are dying,
yet you don't seem to care,
it doesn't matter to you,
as long as you get your medium rare,
you accept the ads on tv,
that you need meat to survive,
you accept that innocent animals,
are stripped of their lives,
and because society ignores it,
and doesn't blink an eye,
you go along with them,
who cares about animals' cry?
next time you eat an animal,
just stop and think why,
why you are doing this to them,
why you caused that creature to die.
by Anita, age 15.

Animals Suffer a Perpetual

By Stephen R. Dujack, Stephen R.
Dujack is the editor of an environmental magazine in Washington and a 

Isaac Bashevis
Singer fled Nazi Europe in 1935 and came to this country. He married my 

grandmother, who had escaped from Hitler's Germany in 1940. He went on to 

become a lauded author and won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1978. His 

family -- those who stayed behind -- were killed in the concentration 


My grandfather was also a principled vegetarian. He was one of the first to equate the wholesale slaughter of humans to what we perpetrate against animals every day in slaughterhouses. He realized that the systems of oppression and murder that had been used in the Holocaust were the systems being used to confine, oppress and slaughter animals. He attributed to a character in one of his books something he believed in himself: "In relation t [animals], all people are Nazis. For [them], it is an eternal Treblinka."
People for the Ethical Treatment of  Animals, or PETA, has come under fire from the Anti-Defamation League for a campaign highlighting my grandfather's ideas as well as writings from others -- including German Jewish philosopher Theodor Adorno, who was forced into exile by the Nazis, and Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz, who was imprisoned in Dachau -- that compare the suffering of Holocaust victims
with that of farmed animals. 
The ADL claims that PETA is exploiting the Holocaust for publicity. The campaign has sparked debate and controversy in the Jewish community, but my grandfather would have been proud of PETA's bold campaign.
The Holocaust happened because ordinary people chose to ignore the extraordinary oppression and abuse being inflicted on innocents by the Nazis. Millions of people went about their daily lives, knowingly turning a blind eye to the suffering of those they didn't relate to, those who were deemed "unworthy of life."
My grandfather often said that this mind-set, whether it manifested itself as the oppression of animals or of people, exemplified the most hideous and dangerous of all racist principles. As Adorno said, "Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: They're only animals." 
My grandfather was a gentle man who always extended a compassionate hand to those who could not speak for themselves. He had birds as pets, but he always left their cages open because he couldn't bear to see any being behind bars. They used to fly out one window and in another of his apartment. When asked why he was a vegetarian, he'd reply, "I'm a vegetarian for health reasons: the health
of the chickens." Because of him, I am also now a vegetarian.
Because of my family's history and the gentle guiding force of my grandfather, I learned the sad lessons of prejudice and ignorance and the ways to fight them. I learned that to remember the horrors of the past is not enough -- we must apply what we've learned and say with conviction, "Never again." But when we say it, we must mean never again shall we allow this to happen to anyone, for any
Like the victims of the Holocaust, animals are rounded up, trucked hundreds of miles to the kill floor and slaughtered. Comparisons to the Holocaust are not only appropriate but inescapable because, whether we wish to admit it or not, cows, chickens, pigs and turkeys are as capable of feeling loneliness, fear, pain, joy and affection as we are. To those who defend the modern-day holocaust on animals by saying that animals are slaughtered for food and give us sustenance, I ask: If the victims of the Holocaust had been eaten, would that have justified the abuse and murder? Did the fact that lampshades, soaps and other "useful" products were made from their bodies excuse the
Holocaust? No. Pain is pain.
My grandfather wrote, "[A]s long as human beings will go on shedding the blood of animals, there will never be any peace. There is only one little step from killing animals to creating gas chambers a la Hitler.... There will be no justice as long as man will stand with a knife or with a gun and destroy those who are weaker than he is." 
We all have the power to stop suffering and misery every time we sit down to eat.

Cancer and diet
Is Soy Safe: 

General information and lists of sources of information
Vegan Family

The Vegetarian Resource Group
Vegetarian Central
Raw Food
William Harris, M.D.

Movement for Compassionate Living

More specialised

Physicians' Committee for Responsible

Food Animals
For Your Health, For the Animals, For the Earth

Other sites of vegetarian

ANHS Home Page
FARM - Farm Animal Reform Movement
North American Vegetarian Society Home Page
Living and Raw Foods

Farming - Photo Gallery

Ban Cruel Farms - Farm Sanctuary

Children and Vegetarianism

The American Dietetic Association states that vegetarian diets can meet all nitrogen needs
and amino acid requirements for growth. There are now many families who have been strictly
vegan for several generations and are enjoying superb health.
Dr Spock recommended a Vegan diet for children.
All children deserve a healthy diet - that means no meat.
Check out:

Dole 5 A Day

Animal exploitation free clothes

These can be found in most shops or can be ordered from
from overseas: see Clothing Animals.

Famous Vegetarians

For a list, click  Famous Vegetarians.
Adolf Hitler was NOT a vegetarian!

Vegetarian dogs and cats

Dogs and cats can thrive perfectly
well on vegan diets. You just have to watch a few key nutrients.

E-mail lists
Joining an e-mail list is a good way of acquiring
information and keeping up to date.

AAPN Mailing List
Please join our mailing
list!  This is a forum for news, information, opinions and discussions on
animal issues in Asia.  To subscribe, go to:
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e-mail address in the box below: 

Subscribe to aapn
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For more, consult:
International Vegetarian Union -
Yahoo Groups

Warning: quite a lot of information given out is unreliable. 
For scientific appraisals join IVU Science:                                                                

IVU Science

Vegetarian News -
International Edition


The Animals' Voice

UK Statistics

There are now more vegetarians than ever before and the numbers are increasing at
a staggering rate.
The earliest recorded figure for the number of vegetarians was 100,000 in 1945 (Rationing
The number of vegetarians in the UK is now estimated to be 4 million or 7% ( NOP 1998).
82% of the population believe there will be more vegetarians in the future (NOP 1998).
11% of 15-34 year olds are vegetarian.
Overall the number of vegetarians in the UK has doubled in the last ten years and is
increasing at a rate of 5,000 each week (Gallup 1997).
13,000 each week are cutting red meat out of their diet (Gallup 1997).
Almost half the population (46%) now claims to be eating less meat (Gallup).
1 person in 6, in the UK, are either vegetarian or currently considering becoming
vegetarian (NOP 1997).
44% of people are becoming vegetarian for moral reasons (concern for animals), 22% for
health reasons and 9% as a result of food scares (NOP poll May 1997).
Vegetarianism is the fastest growing food trend in the UK (Mintel).
The vegetarian food market is currently worth more than 11.1 billion pounds a year.
At the present rate of increase the entire UK population will be vegetarian by the year
NOP = National Opinion Poll, which is an independent business. 'Gallup' 'Mintel' are

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[If you think the following sites may be biased, you can read the other side of the
story - AND find out what biased really means - on this dairy  industry sponsored
Moo Milk -- A dynamic adventure into
the dairy industry


"These dairymen are organized; they're adamant, they're
militant...And they, they're massing an enormous amount of money that
they're going to put into political activities, very frankly."
Secretary of the Treasury John Connally to President Richard
Nixon, from The Watergate Tapes, March 23, 1971

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