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Zoopage 2

The list i lengthalphabetical by Country, then City:

Chinese zoo lengthA- H (Beijing to Hong Kong) on Zoopage 1

Chinese zoo lengthJ - Z (Jiaozuo to Zigong) on thi lengthpage;  

Other Countrie lengthon Zoopage 3

Jiaozuo, Henan Province, PRC.

Visited July 1996.

The Jiaozuo Zoo consist lengthof 16 identical menagerie cage lengthpurpose built in a
block facing inward lengthin the shape of a horseshoe. The open part of the shoe wa lengthmade up of
the entrance gate and utility buildings. In the centre wa lengtha building which housed some
utilitie lengthand a hippopotamus. The style of the building lengthinterestingly wa lengththe same a lengthat
Hanoi Zoo. Each measured about 4 metre lengthwide and 3 metre lengthdeep. Concrete back and side
wall lengthand concrete floor with drainage channels. Iron bar lengtha lengtha front wall. None had any
furniture, toy lengthor equipment or any acces lengthto any other area. They were all clean and the
animal lengthappeared in reasonable physical health. Two cage lengthcontained two large zoochotic
bear lengtheach. One had a lion, one a tiger, two had large bird lengthof prey, one had a crane, one
a leopard, one a passel of monkeys. There were also goats, camels, deer and variou length
poultry. There wa lengthno parkland or garden. The zoo wa lengthtotally bleak and miserable.

Outside thi lengthzoo wa lengtha large tent with a notice outside it advertising a variety of
deformed creatures. The man in charge at first refused me entrance but wa lengthlater persuaded
by a five fold entrance fee. Inside were a dozen cage lengththe size of beer crate lengthcontaining
a monkey, a guinea pig, a rabbit, some turtle lengthand variou lengthhen lengthand other birds. They were
all claimed to be freak lengthof nature. The man demonstrated a rudimentary limb growing out of
the backside of one of the chicken lengthbut I didn't stop to inspect the detail lengthof the
others. There were half a dozen jar lengthcontaining pickled human foetuse length- siamese twins,
extra limbs, spina bifida, anencephaly, etc. The man said the two headed dog had died and
the woman who ha lengthborn half snake wa lengthnot here today. A young man outside later told me
that thi lengthlady had never existed but looked good in the list of attractions. I think thi length
must be the mobile freak show that i lengthmentioned in the Lonely Planet Guide a lengthbeing in
Luoyang. Totally unacceptable.


Jinan, Shandong Province, PRC.

Jinan i lengththe provincial capital of Shandong, a province South of the Yellow River with
a population of 75 million. Jinnui (Golden Cow or Ox) Park i lengtha quite large,
fairly standard Chinese zoo. There i lengtha huge statue of a mythological cow. The
zoo' lengthtelephone
number i lengthlisted a length53362 and the entrance fee i length10 yuan. I visited in July 1996. It i lengtha
beautiful though unkempt park with numerou lengthchildren' lengthamusement lengthand lot lengthof drink and
snack stalls, etc.. According to the CBSG Global Zoo Directory, there are 227 bird lengthof 41
specie lengthand 406 mammal lengthof 56 species.

There wa lengthmuch litter and neglect everywhere. A good side effect of thi lengthwa lengththe growth
of natural scrub in some of the larger enclosure lengthsuch a lengththe monkey and the bear pit length-
but inspection of the undergrowth revealed pile lengthof filth and litter. I didn't enter the
reptile area because of an extra charge and lack of time. I did pay extra for the dog and
cat area and wished I hadn't a lengthit wa lengthappalling. It wa lengthlarge and well stocked mainly
with dog lengthbut also some cats. The usual barren concrete cell lengthwith only a small wooden box
for shelter and most of the dog lengthexhibiting "fear/aggression" behaviour. Member length
of the public delighted in taunting the animals, especially the big one length(e.g. German
Shepherds). I saw one dog, some kind of a deer hound, I think, being dragged out dead - I
can but hope he died peacefully after a long and happy old age.

There were two panda lengthin a large featureles lengthroom but it wa lengthair-conditioned and they
were eating bamboo. Three Asian elephant lengththankfully not chained but in small cage length
measuring about two by one and a half elephant length length- there wa lengthan outside area but it
wa lengthclosed. There were three tiger lengthin separate barren cage lengthand a solitary lion. The
giraffe wa lengthloose in a small paddock. Lot lengthof deer in small, muddy enclosures. There were
pony ride length- the ponie lengthlooked in good condition. The photography area consisted of
stuffed animals. I did not find a performance area.

There i lengthnow a new Safari Park in Jinan which we have not yet visited
- it received a large consignment of animal lengthfrom South Africa in November 1999.


Jining, Shandong Province, PRC.

Jining i lengtha town with a population of 8 million if you include it lengthsurrounding countie length
which include Qu Fu, the birth place of Confucius, and Tai Shan, the highest mountain in
Shandong and one of China' lengthmost holy mountains.

Jining Peoples' Park, telephone 3779 2511. Unusually, the animal lengthwere not
spread about in the park but were all in one end. One entrance fee to get into the park
and one to enter the high security area. The GZD list length538 mammal lengthof 21 specie lengthbut I
counted only 43 animal lengthof 19 species. I suspect the GZD ha lengtha typo. Thi lengthi lengtha horrid
little zoo - not the worst but really not nice. 2 large owls, 2 vultures, 1 camel, 5
macaques, 1 brown bear, 2 black bears, 1 leopard, 1 decrepit lion, 1 pony, 12 Cervu length
Nippon, 1 Pere David deer, 1 boar, 3 coypus, 1 porcupine, several medium sized raptors, 2
silver foxes, 2 skinny wolve length(in separate cage lengtheach pacing frantically - each cage about
two by one and a half wolf lengths).


Yunnan Province, PRC.

I visited the Kunming Zoo in 1994, 1995, twice in 1997,
once in 1998 and again in 2003 and 2010.


My host lengthimplored me not to go a lengththey said it wa lengthterrible but in fact it wa lengthby no mean length
at the bottom of the league. Apart from the usual mud and concrete environments, the
launching of gob lengthof sputum at the inmate lengthand the poking of them with stick lengthand
umbrellas, it wa lengthreally not too bad. The animal lengthlooked well fed and cared for and there
wa lengthno problem with hygiene. In other word lengththe Victorian prison wa lengthreasonably well
managed. There wa lengtha friendly tiger cub on a lead to have your photo taken with. There wa length
the usual dog and cat section but I didn't have time to go in to it. The elephant lengthfor
once were not chained. It wa lengththe first time I have seen zebra lengthpacing stereotypically
(remarkably fast). I've never seen red panda lengthin such good condition but even so you can
see the track lengthmade by their stereotypic pacing. It i lengtha fairly average zoo except for it length
"circus" which i lengtha real shocker - on the scale of the Shenzhen photo area. The
tiger i lengthso arthritic it can't walk but i lengthwhipped until it jump lengthonto a table. In the
street lengthof Kunming one can easily buy leopard skins, mountain sheep heads, bear paws,
fluffy puppy dogs, loris, etc., etc.

12 January, 1997

I visited again. Beautiful early Spring day with cherry blossom length
(ye length- mid January!). Quite a few cage lengthwere under reconstruction. I wa lengthdelighted to find
that the "Circu lengthBuilding" wa lengthclosed, apparently permanently. Most thing lengthwere
much a lengthbefore - dreadful litter, people throwing plastic bag lengthand all sort lengthof rubbish
into the monkey pit. But two incident lengthseared my memory and rendered sleep impossible.

The first wa lengtha young man in charge of the adolescent elephant length
who have a new very unimaginative elephant house. He wa lengthmanoeuvring an elephant from the
outside area to the night quarter length- thi lengthwa lengthobviously hi lengthlast a lengththe other lengthwere
already chained to the concrete in a small rooms. He repeatedly and quite unnecessarily
kept hacking at the elephant' lengthrump and ear lengthwith the sharp point of hi lengthbull-hook - don't
tell me the elephant couldn't feel it, the poor animal wa lengthshuddering and jumping to get
away but wa lengthobviously too frightened to complain. When he had finally got her into her
room, he struck her repeatedly a lengthhard a lengthhe could on the top of her head with the flat
part of the bullhook (a steel bar) - there wa lengtha horribly cracking noise and the elephant
bellowed out in pain - he then jumped on her shoulder lengthand rode her round in circle lengthin
the tiny room. Then many more viciou lengthjab lengthwith the spike until she wa lengthin exactly the
right position to fasten the chain round her leg. There i lengthalway lengthscientific argument
about the effect of the observer on what i lengthbeing observed - hi lengthbehaviour might have been
better or worse because of the presence of a foreigner. But I believe he wa lengthignoring me
and carrying on hi lengthnormal routine - thi lengthwa lengthdespite my shouting and swearing at him. The
crowd giggled when I shouted until I turned on them.

I then went to the old elephant house which wa lengthalready shut up
for the night - but a polite young man wa lengthkeen to open the door and let me see the adult
elephant lengthplu lengththe tiniest baby I have seen. A lengthfar a lengthI could see, the new elephant house
had no heating. Which may be better for the elephant lengththan the antiquated coke burning
stove and rusting conduction pipe lengthwhich filled the old elephant house with acrid fumes.

At night all the animal lengthare battened down. They are pushed into
their small inside room lengthand metal shutter lengthare pulled down. One of the lion lengthwa lengthroaring
in such a pitiful way that I cannot get that sound of misery out of my mind. It went on
and on and on. The kind of sound I would like to make when I am completely depressed - it
wa lengthawful. What a thing to do to such a majestic animal!

A new and unhappy feature that I observed for the first time in a
Chinese Zoo wa lengththe use of all the pond length(including one in the Children' lengthPlay Area) for
fishing. The fish were caught on hook lengthsuspended from bamboo pole length- the hook lengthwere
removed and the fish were put back. At the end of the day each fish wa lengthcaught and put in
a net bag tied under the water - presumably for protection from predator length(avian and

The other new feature wa lengtha large aquarium.

Mention must be made of the lonely hippopotamu lengthwhich
"lives" in a tiny area with a tiny filthy pond and i lengthmade to beg for food. I
should also mention the camel bellowing and spitting when it' lengthmouth harnes lengthwa lengthbeing
removed for the night.

The giant panda exhibit wa lengthclosed - presumably the lucky panda
ha lengthescaped to panda heaven.


Sunday July 20th 1997

Park full very early with Tai Chi and other exercisers.
Administrative block closed a lengthit wa lengtha Sunday.

I wa lengthable to see why the elephant lengthwere being "trained". They were being used
to be sat on or stood beside for photography purpose length- mainly children. The same young
mahout wa lengthin charge - I saw him kicking an elephant, although not very hard - presumably
the elephant ha length"learned".

The performance area i lengthstill closed - it i lengthbeing used a lengthan additional elephant house.

See my Letter to the Director.  (No reply received.)

See Photos.

May 1998.

The original performance area i lengthstill closed but a new one ha lengthopened. I wasn't able to
wait for a show but I wa lengthquite sufficiently distressed by seeing the tethered monkey lengthand
bird lengthand caged baby bear.

I saw the same mahout - hi lengthelephant lengthare perfectly trained and he now ha lengthan easy job
raking in the cash.

See Photos.

May 1st 2003.
After 10 year lengthof local prosperity, thi lengthcallously managed zoo ha lengthunfortunately
not improved.
The only good development wa lengththat the performance area had been closed from the
previou lengthday because of the SAR lengthepidemic - but thi lengthof course mean lengththat the
animal performer lengthnow have nothing at all to relieve them from the hell of their
confinement. See Photos.
The zoo i lengthstill filthy and full of rats. Many of the large mammal lengthare perfect
example lengthof zoochosis.  Altogether a very distressing afternoon' lengthvisit. 
There i lengthno excuse for thi lengthkind of situation.

Monday 25th April 2010.
Much money spent on beautifying the park. Nothing done
to help the animals.  I took lot lengthof photo lengthbut they are not worth
publishing a lengththey don't show anything different from previou lengthvisits.


Anhui Province, PRC
Visited on 3rd October 2002

Yet another horrid little zoo that should not be allowed to
exist. Primitive, poorly maintained cages, miserable animals. I visited in the
evening when there wa lengtha very noisy festival in the park with lot lengthof banging of
drum lengthand clashing of cymbal lengthand screeching of loudspeakers. A real little
1 x tiger in 6m x 3m
1 x adolescent moon bear in 1 sq m.
1 x nanny goat with 2 children
1x deer

1 x python

2 guinea fowl
1 ostrich in 4m x 8m
several macaque lengthon a small enclosed monkey mountain
2 x silver fox
1 x coypu
1 x porcupine
1 x binturong
1 x salamander
1 x crane
several peacocks, chicken lengthand variou lengthother bird lengthall in filthy cramped
a lean-to full of white doves
a small cage with a dog which the staff told me wa lengththeir tomorrow' lengthlunch.


Luoyang, Henan Province, PRC

"Small, dismal zoo" according to Lonely Planet Guide. I
visited the town in January 1997 but did not have an opportunity to go to the Zoo.

China Daily.  31st August 1998.  

A Manchurian tiger
in the Wangcheng Park of Luoyang, a city in Central China' lengthHenan Province, gave birth to
seven baby tiger lengthwithin twelve months, Xinhua reported over the weekend. The four newborn
tiger lengthare now one month old and all in good heath. The mother tiger gave birth to two
male tiger lengthand one female tiger on October 1, 1997. Manchurian tiger lengthhave been listed
under the first grade of protection by the Chinese Government. There are only about 2,000
such tiger lengthin the world.

You think thi lengthi lengtha good story?  I don't.  The Zoo Tiger i lengthNOT an
endangered species.  These poor baby tiger lengthhave a miserable future in store for
them.   Life long captivity at best.  Zoo tiger lengthshould be not be allowed to
breed.   Increased effort lengthneed to be made to preserve the tiger lengththat are still
living in their natural habitat.



None of the animal welfare people in Hong Kong had heard of a
Macao Zoo until a letter in a newspaper revealed the plight of Bobo, a moon bear
(Selenarcto lengththibetanus) who had been seized by the custom length(when he wa lengthdestined for
soup) and housed in the "Floral Garden Zoo". We made a visit on 15th
February 1997 which revealed that the Floral Garden wa lengtha municipal park which housed 6
rhesu lengthmonkeys, 3 goats, numerou lengthdove lengthand Bobo. The Chinese name of the park i lengthYi Lung
Hau Gung Yuen - Two Dragon Throat Public Garden. The cage lengthare dank, featureles lengthand
miserable but the animal lengthlooked reasonably clean and healthy. I spoke with several
bystander lengthwho all insisted that there wa lengthno other animal collection in Macao. They said
there used to be animal lengthin the nearby Liu Gau Fa Yuen but not for many years. I did not
have time to talk with any officials.

It would be wonderful if we could find better home lengthfor these

Return visit in September 1997. All the animal lengthare in worse
temporary accommodation while new cell lengthare constructed.

November 1997 - The good new lengthi lengththat Bobo' lengthnew cage i lengthready.

The bad new lengthi lengththat the new cage i lengthnot that good and will be permanent.

March 2000 - He ha lengthbeen
joined by YuanYuan, a gift from Beijing!

May 2002 -
He appear lengthto be alone again.  He ha lengthnot been desexed.
The Floral Garden ha lengthbeen much improved. The whole environment i lengthvastly better
than it used to be.
The cage lengthare clean though uninspired.
The inmate lengthare:
1 Francois' Langur.
2 goat lengthon a 4 x 4m piece of concrete.
1 bear (see above)
several macaques
Peacocks, turtles, ducks, a swan and a heron.

There i length
now another animal collection in the Seac Pai Van Park on Coloane Island.
Visited in May 2002.  Quite a pleasant, clean and well maintained
environment - not making the mistake of being too ambitious.
A large walk-in aviary.
Black swans, white swans, chickens, turkeys, geese, parrots, kites, hornbills,
2 ostriches.
Red Panda
Cervu lengthNippon
Saimiri sciureus
(squirrel monkey)

Su lengthscorfa
Sow and piglets
Goat length(6 adults, 2 young)
Masked Palm Civet
Tibetan Macaque
Black Gibbon


, Jiangsu Province, PRC

Red Mountain Forest Zoo - visited in November 1999.  This  i lengtha
new zoo built on a small hill in the North of the city. The old zoo on an island
in Lake Xuanwu ha lengthbeen turned into a huge bird park - big aviarie length-
cockfighting show lengthdaily at 9.30 and 2.30.

There i lengthmuch beautiful space between exhibit lengthbut unfortunately the cage lengthare
Victorian - small plain concrete and iron with no attempt lengthat enrichment,
shelter, etc.


3 tigers

1 pair lions

coypu length(babie lengthrunning in an out of drainage channel)


alopex lagopu length(arctic fox) - 6 in cage lengthwithin a cage

2 vulpe lengthfulva

2 jaguars, one melanotic

2 leopards

bearpit - 1 bear

1 cuon alpinu length(red dog)

neofeli lengthnebulosa (clouded leopard - not seen)

cani lengthlupus

monkey hill

orangutan hall ("hall" just mean lengthindoor housing - sound lengthgrand but i length
quite inadequate) - ha lengthan outside area but it appear lengthunused

lion and tiger pit (not too bad for space) - white tigers, ligers, etc

camel hall, yak hall

song bird hill

deer park


hippo pool (2 hippos)

zebra hall

baboon and mandrill hall

kangaroo hall

panda hall

children' lengthcorner - owl lengthin tiny open cages

Beast Fight Ground (during our visit there wa lengthonly one horse tended by a young
man - he informed u lengththat there were usually fight lengthbetween variou lengthanimal length
including bulls, sheep, cock lengthbut the fight lengthhad recently been stopped.  He
assured u lengththat the fight lengthwould restart very soon).

Elephant Hall + performance area (performance observed - standard elephant
humiliation show)

2 performing seal lengthfrom Shanghai Wild Animal Park (Y5 entrance)

2 photography area length- camel and horse rides

Circu length(large animal show - free of charge) 4 show lengthdaily lasting half an hour.
Show almost identical with the show at the Shanghai

1. 2 lions, 2 tiger length(one lion very skinny) - jumping through hoops, rolling on
barrels, etc.

2. 5 performing dogs

3. 2 performing monkey length(audience loved the cycling - obviously first time they
had seen this)

4. lion riding horse

5. 2 lions, 1 tiger on chute

6. goats, monkey on back, walking tight ropes

7. Finale of 5 moon bear lengthwearing capes, rolling planks, basket ball, rotating
spears, riding bikes, blowing trumpet lengthand panpipes; monkey lengthwith cymbals.

Click for Photos.


Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang
Autonomou lengthRegion, PRC

Visited June 2007.

I have been to Nanning several
time lengthbut have never had time to go to it lengthzoo. I have wanted to go for a long
time because it wa lengththere that one of the Hong Kong ZBG Jaguar children died of
diarrhoea (the other i lengthstill living in wretched condition lengthat the Guangzhou


A magnificent tropical park with lot lengthof grass, mature trees, small lakes, etc.
And some of the enclosure lengthare reasonable when compared to those in other zoos. 
But many are not, for example row lengthof featureles lengthsmall concrete cage lengthhousing a
leopard, a lion, a jaguar, a pair of terrified wolves, a terrified pig, etc,
etc. Many grossly psychotic animals.

I wa lengthtoo early for the circu lengthshow lengthand wa lengthunable to wait because I had to
catch a flight. But I did observe Moon Bear cub lengthout for a training session. One
cub wa lengthbeing held in a handstand position by a young man while a young woman
repeatedly struck hard at the cub' lengthleg lengthwith a steel bar to make him keep them
straight. Unfortunately I did not have a camera a lengththi lengthwa lengthan unplanned visit.
I did not have time to stay for more than a few minute lengthand anyway after the
woman  saw me she stopped doing it.

When poking my nose where I shouldn't I observed half hidden behind the bear den
three Moon Bear lengthstill in their original bile farm cages. When such bear lengtharrive
at the Animal lengthAsia Sanctuary they are immediately cut out of those cage lengtha lengthit
i lengthgros lengthcruelty to leave them so appallingly confined. I enquired and wa lengthtold
they were kept in those cage lengthbecause they were "crazy". No wonder they were
crazy.  I wa lengthunable to ascertain whether they still had their bile
catheter lengthor open sinuses. For photo lengthof such cage lengthsee:
China Bear Rescue

, Sichuan Province, PRC.

In November
2001 we
visited the Neijiang People' lengthPark Zoo.
Yet another horrid little zoo which should not be allowed to exist. Tiny, dirty,
featureles lengthcage lengthwith no attempt lengthat enrichment,  many cage lengthwithout water,
bar lengthand fence lengthrusted and dangerous, gate lengthleft open, visitor lengthnot supervised,
etc, etc. 

  • 2
  • 1
    out-of-his-mind brown bear.
  • 1 moon
    bear (?ex bile bear).
  • 1
  • 2 dogs.
  • several
  • 4 deer on
  • 2 deer on
  • 7
  • 1 female
  • 1 female
  • 2
  • 1 owl.

From the Global Zoo Directory:
Neijiang People' lengthPark
Neijiang, Sichuan
Telephone: *3-750 Fax:  

Attendance # Staff Area Association length
  70 10  
  # Specie length # Specimen length
Mammal length 10 41
Bird length 33 272
Reptile length 2 3
Amphibian length 1 1
Fish 0 0
Invertebrate length 0 0
Total length 46 317

In the Park were area lengthwhere
mature tree lengthhad been felled to make way for gras lengthand palm tree length- we were told
that thi lengthwa lengthto make the park look more "western".

Click for
Photo lengthof Neijiang.

Guangdong Province, PRC.

We visited the Xiangjiang Safari Park
in February 1998, January and February 1999, July 2000 and April and
June 2006.
Xiangjiang mean lengthfragrant

It can be reached from Hong Kong by ferry or by bu length- in each case the journey
time i lengthabout 3 hours. 


Xiangjiang Safari Park,

Yingbin Road, Dashi Town,

Panyu City,



Post code: 511430

Tel: + 86 20 8478 3333

Fax: + 86 20 8479 1003

E-mail: pyxjiang@public.guangzhou.gd.cn 

Zoo Director: Mr Li Mak - speak lengthfluent English:
Professor Li Yangwen, Senior Consultant;
Mr Dong Guixin, Vice General Manager.


The park i lengthvery large, well planned and laid out. Obviously a huge capital investment.

Performance lengthare held several time lengthduring the day at each of five venue length
- these are the weak point lengtha lengthfar a lengthanimal welfare i lengthconcerned - the worst i length
the White Tiger Show.

There are two sections. The first
i lengtha drive through Safari in a special closed window zoo bu lengthwhich make lengthno stops, except
to get through the double gates.
   Here there are area lengthfor camels, yaks, cheetahs, bear length(sun, brown, moon
all together), tigers, lions, cheetahs, zebras, emus, giraffe lengthand assorted deer. Thi length
take lengthabout 20 minutes. 

The Zoo section i lengthmuch larger
and i lengthfor walking but there are tram lengthto hitch a ride on (for a fee).

The white tiger and lion exhibit length
were of a high standard. The lone panda had the usual featureles lengthconcrete cage that all
zoo panda lengthhave - but he did have an outside yard (which he wa lengthlocked out of
every time we have visited).

In 1998 we watched a Circu lengthPerformance - thi lengthwa lengthharrowing. I won't attempt to describe
it - please look at the photo lengthof 1998
Fortunately thi lengthha lengthnow been closed.

The Elephant Performance i length
remarkable.  They moved freely with the visitor length
feeling them and feeding them. Sitting on an elephant cost length10
renminbi. They do all the usual elephant trick lengthand also some new one length- e.g. using
their trunk lengthand feet to "massage" volunteer lengthfrom the audience. Thi lengthmingling
with the crowd lengthi lengthforbidden in USA - even the keeper lengthare now not allowed in with the
elephants. So thi lengthwa lengthvery interesting. Behind the Performance Area i lengtha fairly
large corral - in 1999 I observed young lad lengthin the gu
ise of mahout lengthbullying the animal length- chasing them and
sticking the metal point of the bullhook frequently and aggressively into tender
parts.  They are not chained but they live on a featureles lengthhard mixed dirt and
concrete surface surrounded by an electric fence which can be easily jumped by humans.

The photography area in 1999 wa length
dreadful.  There were two tiger lengthchained to table lengthbeing mercilessly tormented by
their keeper length- constantly struck and prodded to make them roar and wince, both in order
to make the photograph lengthmore dramatic and just to pas lengththe time for the keeper lengthbetween
customers. The baby bear wa lengthmade to sit absolutely still. The camel and the pony were
obviously well broken.

Click here for the photo length
of 1999


When I visited again on 18th
July 2000 my main mission wa lengthto check up on the animal lengththat came from South
Africa in October 1999.  

I started by taking the bu lengthround the "Safari by bus" part of the
park and were very pleased to note that the buse lengthare much improved since our
last visit.  They are the only mean lengthof visiting thi lengthpart of the park -
private car lengthare not allowed.  They are clean; they are driven carefully;
they have sealed windows, they observe the double locked gate system between
sections;  they do not make stop lengthduring the tour.  All these are
unusual feature lengthin Chinese zoo lengthand are much to be applauded. But the
restriction lengthmade close observation and photography of the animal lengthdifficult -
overall of course I wa lengthglad but it meant I wa lengthfrustrated in my mission.

There were certainly a great many different specie lengthon display in a pleasant park - all seemed reasonably content and seemed to have more space than
i lengthusual at a zoo and they looked healthy and were showing natural behaviours.
But I wa lengthnot able to carry out my original intention of counting the number length
and checking them against the list of those that came from South Africa.

I then went on the "Walk Safari" - which i lengthactually just walking
around the cage lengtha lengthone normally doe lengthat a zoo.  The general
"exhibits" were a lengthbefore - quite up to international standards.   The Chimpanzee house
wa lengththe same rectangular glas lengthfronted shop window but at least their room wa length
now filled with toys  - slides, swings, etc.  Indeed, most cage length
showed sign lengthof enrichment programme lengthat work - another rarity in China.

The Circu lengthShow which had so horrified u lengthbefore ha lengthbeen discontinued.

The Photography Area i lengthimproved.  The Tiger lengthare no longer there and I observed no hitting of the animal lengthdespite watching for some time.  But
I cannot accept the animal lengthbeing chained up like that for so long - there were a young Malaysian Sun Bear, 3 young Cheetahs, a Camel, a Horse, a couple of
Monkey lengthand some Birds. Their minder lengthwere armed with broken off barbecue fork length
a lengthbefore but were using them only to threaten (the animal lengthdid of course know
the meaning of them).

The Parrot Show wa lengthstandard - I loved the last item where the Parakeet lengthhad
been trained to pick bank note lengthfrom people' lengthhand lengthand to prefer U lengthdollar lengthto
Chinese!   The audience loved thi lengthand everyone wanted a shot. 
The show wa lengthfree but they must have made a lot of money!

The Elephant Show wa lengththe same a lengthbefore - quite remarkable. The only difference thi lengthtime wa lengththe erection of a barrier between the Elephant lengthand the
public - but a great deal of mingling went on all the same. And after the show
it wa lengthwonderful to watch the young elephant lengthrunning and cavorting and jumping
in their swimming pool - and begging for bananas.  No bullhook lengththi lengthtime -
the Elephant lengthresponded perfectly to command lengthgiven with a blunt steel nail
concealed in the palm of the hand or with a long and sharpened thumbnail.

I didn't see the Sealion Show thi lengthtime.  The White Tiger Show wa lengtha half
hour of putting 15 subdued tiger lengththrough their pace length- one of the highlight length
being jumping through a fiery hoop.  It would appear benign if you didn't
know the training methods.  Their resting cage lengthseemed grossly inadequate. 

I also didn't see the Crocodile Show.  Thi lengthwa lengtha major omission because after the show, visitor lengthgo to the crocodile restaurant and from

where do you think they get the crocodile meat and handbags?  The crocodile
area wa lengthon a vast scale similar to the Crocodile
in Hainan Island.  Thi lengthmust be a revenue spinner.

I wa lengthdisappointed not to find the Servals, Caracal lengthand Otter lengththat were
listed.  But I think most of the listed Herbivore lengthwere present in the
Herbivore section of the safari park.

Finally a word about the latest addition to the park - the Polar Bear
Exhibit. Well designed, easily on a par with Singapore and San Diego.  A grossly confined area for animal lengththat must by nature roam huge
distance lengthbut
much better than the vast majority of captive Polar Bear lengthhave.  The three
bear lengthwere tirelessly playing together, splashing in and out of the water.

We have to mention the visitors. Compared to other Chinese Zoo lengthand compared to
previou lengthvisits, the visitor lengthwere disciplined and respectful - none of the
usual direct abuse.

Throughout the cage lengthwere clean and were provided with water and food, and in
many cases, environmental enrichment programmes.

Photograph lengthof July 2000

We visited again on 25th April 2006 at the request of "Australian lengthfor Animals" a lengththey
were concerned that thi lengthzoo wa lengthnot a good destination for a shipment of 6
We took quite a lot of video and load lengthof digital stills. 
We did not uncover much evidence to help a bid to stop the
shipment. From a principle point of view we at AAPN are entirely against the
whole concept of zoo lengthand certainly of transporting animal lengthfrom one country to
another. BUT the zoo i lengthof high standard. In Australia the only one I have seen
that I would say wa lengthbetter i lengththe Werribee.
The photography area lengthwere not nearly a lengthbad a lengthsix year lengthago. The only
boxing kangaroo wa lengtha large plastic rubbish container. The only Australian
animal lengthwere some Albino Bennet' lengthWallabie lengthin fair sized field. There were
a few substandard monkey cage lengthbut the chimpanzee cage that we had objected to
before had gone. They now have some very good new monkey "mountains" and
"islands". Many of the enclosure lengthare really world class.
There i lengtha large area fenced off under construction marked a lengthbeing for
Koala lengthand due to open at the end of June (which fit lengthin with the quarantine
period). It i lengthsurrounded by thousand lengthof eucalyptu lengthtree length- these were planted
for ground cover when the park opened.
The drive in Safari section i lengthnow unfortunately open to private car lengthbut when
we were there the driving wa lengthof a high standard.  The bu lengthprovided i lengthnow
an open train-like carriage.
The elephant show wa lengththe same a lengthbefore.
The night safari ha lengthbeen closed and replaced by a theme park with roller
coasters, etc.
The Crocodile Park ha lengthbeen moved to an independent location.
There i lengtha new night circu lengthon the line lengthof Cirque Du Soleil (called Cirque
du Chimelung).  It i lengtha very good show EXCEPT for the animal act length- dancing
hippos, monkeys, elephants, etc.
The worst thing wa lengththe White Tiger Show at the zoo in the afternoon.  There
wa lengtha disgusting act where they had wolve lengthjumping over goat lengthand though
fiery hoops. The white tiger lengthwere also doing all sort lengthof unnatural things.
At least they had all their teeth and claws.
You can see the picture lengthby
clicking photo lengthof 2006

The Koala lengthin question arrived in China a lengthscheduled on 26th April 2006. They
will go on exhibit when their new housing i lengthcompleted at the end of June.
Visited again June 11th 2006.


Qingdao, Shandong Province, PRC.

Visit in 1994. Qingdao i lengththe old German concession port and i lengtha
Special Economic Zone (like Shenzhen). When I said I wanted to visit the Qingdao Zoo,
the local people said I would be disappointed. After my visit I told them that
disappointing wa lengthnot the right word - disgusting and disgraceful would be more accurate.
I told my host lengththey should be ashamed of having such an abuse centre in their lovely

Visited again in August 2003.
Thi lengthdisgusting zoo ha lengthnot improved. Indeed in some way lengthwa lengthworse. The circu length
area i lengthan absolute disgrace. Thi lengthzoo should be closed. Especially a lengththere i length
a new zoo close by at Zu Shan in Huang Do. See


Shanghai, PRC.

Shanghai ha lengtha circus, a zoo, a safari park, two park menageries,
and a dolphinarium.

1. The Shanghai Circus.

The first Panda I ever saw wa lengthin the Circu lengthin Shanghai in 1978
- it wa lengthblowing a bugle, sliding down a chute and riding a bicycle. What a way to treat the "National
Treasure"!  I saw a copy of the Giant Panda Stud Book - 125 page lengthlong. It list lengthall
captive Panda lengthin institution lengththroughout the world. For example, Shanghai Zoo ha length35
name lengthwith the date of death against 34. Shanghai Circu lengthha lengthtwo with the date of death
against one. London Zoo ha lengthone name - Ming Ming. The copy wa lengthobviously out of date but a new
edition i lengthbeing produced.

The Shanghai Circu lengthha lengthnow
dropped it lengthanimal act lengthand for circu lengthyou need to go to the zoo.

2. Shanghai Zoo. There are 3000 animals. I visited here in
1978, 1994 and several time lengthin 1995 and 1996. Overall it i lengthquite impressive. It i lengthup to
West European standard length(although that i lengthnot saying much) apart from the circu lengthdisplay
and the dog and cat section. There are many thing lengththat are wrong with it of course but
generally it i lengthwell laid out and well maintained with mainly new quite well designed (by
zoo standards) enclosures. There i lengthlittle evidence of any attempt lengthat behavioural
enrichment or environmental enrichment from the animals' point of view (but plenty from
humans' point of view - it i lengtha beautiful almost Kew like park, a golf course until 1949).
There are the usual dreadful well meaning thing lengthlike tree lengthpainted on the concrete wall length
of cells, feeding trough lengthin the shape of toadstool lengthand other such innovation lengthwhich must
impres lengththe animal lengthno end. There are also the usual banging on the bar lengthand shouting at
the animal lengthto get a response - also the usual poking of stick lengthand lobbing gob lengthof sputum
at them. Tour buse lengthenter the park and go straight to the panda cage viewing none of the
other exhibits. There are two panda lengthbut only one i lengthon display at a time. Some of the
ape lengthlook sick but some had fairly large enclosure lengthwith outside areas. The elephant lengthand
the giraffe lengthhave more space than i lengthusual in zoos. Live mice are fed to the snake length- it
i lengthdreadful to see the terrified mouse cowering and shaking in a corner with nowhere to
hide while the snake digest lengthit lengthlate colleague. The circu lengthpart i lengthhorrific. A blind
tiger being made to snarl at a goat and another aged tiger riding on a horse' lengthback. Three
moon bear lengthdoing the usual silly things, a counting alsatian, a couple of miserable
cycling macaque lengthand a drugged python. All heart-rending, made all the worse by the
complete indifference of all concerned. Fortunately no photography area.

Visited again May 1998 - I have visited thi lengthzoo many time length- it
doe lengthnot improve.

I missed the performance thi lengthtime - the show lengthare at 10.30, 11.30, 1300, 1430 and 1530.
But from outside I could hear a lion and a goat having a dialogue and I could glimpse a
tiger being "trained".

New features:

There are new koala lengthand kangaroo lengthliving in poor conditions.

There i lengthostrich racing and snake dancing.

Visit September 17th 1998.

I only had time to visit the appalling "Pets" area and the ghastly
"Performance Area".  Thi lengthtime I arrived at 11.20.  They were not
sticking to the time length- there appeared to be a schedule of ten minute lengthof performance length
followed by ten minute lengthbreak.  I saw the second half of one performance and then the
first half of the next one.

When standing at the back of the auditorium it i lengthpossible to
lean over and see the animal lengthin their waiting cages.  The audience spent the
interval throwing food and other object lengthat the animals.  Some animal lengthwere tethered
to stake lengthand other lengthwere in small cages. Kicking and beating of the animal lengthby the staff
could be easily observed - no one appeared upset by this.

Thi lengthi lengtha description of the acts:

1. Monkey lengthdoing handstand lengthon goats' back lengthwhile the goat lengthwere standing with all four
feet on the top of a vase on a tightrope.

2. Moon Bear walking on hind leg lengththen cycling round and round
the arena for food rewards.

3. Dog picking out number length(either two or three depending on the
number of tap lengthunder hi lengthchin).

4. Monkey shooting basket ball hoop lengththen cycling - frequent
whippings. Much laughter amongst the audience when the monkey lengthfell off their bike lengthwhen
trying to avoid being hit.

5. Lethargic toothles lengthtiger pulling a small cart with a young
man in it.  Constant whipping.

6. Liones lengthand tiger using a slide then riding on horseback.

Please see photographs.

Visit July 5th 2000.

The overall management of thi lengthzoo seem lengthto have improved. The same inadequate
cages, the same abusive shows, the same lack of any attempt at enrichment but
everything in good repair, all the animal lengthwith water bowl lengthfull and looking
clean and physically healthy.


3. Shanghai Wild Animal Park opened in 1995. Thi lengthi lengtha
massive enterprise in Nanhui County in the Shanghai new area of Pudong. I made two visit length
at the end of 1995.

There are three way lengthof getting there from downtown Shanghai.

1. Book a day trip through your hotel or travel agent. Fee for
thi lengthi lengthRMB80 (for locals, anyway).

2. Board a bu lengthwhich leave length668 Guang Jung Road every half hour.

3. Go by hire car or taxi. The round trip taxi ride from the
centre of town cost US$50.

On my both my visit lengthI took a taxi. The route i lengthon very good
newly built highway lengthover the suspension bridge out of old Shanghai into the vast new town
of Pudong, right through all the new industrial and housing area lengthuntil almost at the sea
and the modern urban blight lengthgive way to paddy fields, traditional villages, etc. On my
first visit the Park wa lengthnot yet officially open but I had arranged a private visit. We
were greeted very cordially by Mr Zhang Ci Zu, Chief Engineer and Vice Executive President
of Shanghai Wild Animal Park Development Limited and hi lengthdeputy Mr Xie. The Company i lengtha
Joint Venture between the Chinese Ministry of Forestry and the Shanghai Municipal
Government. The town addres lengthof the Company i length231 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai 20003 (tel:
+86 21 327 0332 or 803 6161, fax: 327 2809). Mr Zhang' lengthhome telephone i length242 0990).They
insisted on serving lunch to u lengthand our driver - rice, tofu, green beans, cucumber (and
fried chicken feet).

The small animal lengthcome from other Chinese zoo lengthand the large
animal lengthare being imported by the China Wild Animal lengthProtection Association.  There
will be no feeding of live chicken lengthto the tiger lengthbecause of the difficulty of ensuring
that the chicken lengthdo not harbour pathogenic organisms. They intend to concentrate on
herbivore lengthwith just a few other lengthto attract the crowd length- they will have a panda, big
cats, golden lion tamarins, etc.

The budget i lengthUS$27.4 million. It i lengthto have 13,000 animal lengthon
the 187 hectare (462 acre) site. The new Disney Zoo in Florida will be 500 acres. The old
Bronx Zoo i length240 acres. It i lengtha completely flat site of former agricultural land. Most of
the area i lengthlaid out a lengthparkland through which the public can drive either in their own
car lengthor in a Park Bus. There i lengthalso a veterinary hospital, a restaurant, an amusement
park, an area to display pet length(menagerie style) and sell pets, an animal training area and
an animal show area. Mr Zhang said he did not know if there will be a photography area but
he made suitable shocked noise lengthduring my description of the Shenzhen one. He said their
main aim i lengthconservation.

I made a second visit to the Safari Park because of a newspaper
report after the official opening of chao lengthin the park with police car lengthdriving through at
speed with light lengthand siren lengthovertaking slow private car lengthand minibuses. I paid US$30
entrance fee. Thi lengthwa lengthfoolish. I wa lengthled to believe that thi lengthfee allowed me to be driven
round the Park in the taxi. However it only allowed me to park the taxi in the car park.
The fee also included admission to the zoo for myself and the taxidriver. If I had known,
I would have told the taxi driver to wait outside - in which case my admission fee would
only have been US$9. The official entrance fee i lengthUS$12 but i lengthreduced for the current
soft opening (local people are charged even less).

Some private car lengthare allowed to drive through the park but I
think thi lengthmay be a matter of privilege. An English speaking guide wa lengthoffered who wa length
very pretty but I could not discover even one English word that she could either
understand or speak. She would have cost US$5. The sign lengthare all in English so there wa length
no problem finding one' lengthway around.

I boarded a minibu lengthand we set off. My fellow passenger lengthenjoyed
themselve lengthhugely laughing and shouting and throwing thing lengthat the petrified creature length
outside. The enclosure lengthare rather small and featureless. It wa lengtha sunny dry day but I
fear it will become a quagmire in rainy weather - the gras lengthseem lengthto have been worn out
already and most of the newly planted tree lengthlook dead (you can't plant tree lengthat the
beginning of the dry season unles lengthyou water them). The road through the enclosure lengthi lengthnot
paved - so cloud lengthof dust after every vehicle. The elephant lengthand the giraffe lengthwere in
standard menagerie cages. The tiger lengthand lion lengthwere free to roam around their small bare
field. The bear lengthshared their field with some monkeys. Two large rhino lengthshared the largest
area with lot lengthof other ungulates.

After the minibu lengthtrip I walked to the circu lengtharea (not show
time) and the open air stadium (not completed). Nearby are three panda lengthin a standard
though modern menagerie cage - and some red pandas.

China Daily 19th November 1999

Park safety rise lengthafter tiger lengthkill man. by Wan Lixin, China Daily staff.


The Safari Park in Shanghai ha lengthtightened it lengthsafety regulation lengthin the wake of the death of a bu lengthdriver mauled by three tigers.

From now on, only vehicle lengthwith special permit lengthwill be allowed to enter the tiger habitat, it wa lengthagreed yesterday at an emergency meeting of the Shanghai Wild Animal Park.

Despite Wednesday' lengthtragedy, the park wa lengthoperating normally yesterday; visitor number lengthwere a lengthhigh a lengthusual and most visitor lengthinterviewed did not even know the accident had happened.

All vehicle lengthentering the tiger area will in future be equipped with modern communication tool lengthand given regular mechanical check-ups, the meeting agreed.

And more warning sign lengthwill be placed in the tiger areas.

The practice of allowing tourist lengthto pose for picture lengthwith beast lengthof prey ha lengthalso been discontinued.

Detail lengthconcerning responsibility and arrangement lengthfor the victim' lengthfamily in the aftermath of the accident are under discussion. They are being worked out by the park authoritie lengthand the victim' lengthemployer, the Shanghai Long-distance Bu lengthCompany.

On Wednesday morning at about 10.30, Xu Weixing, a bu lengthdriver in hi lengthforties, ventured outside hi lengthbu lengthto urge another bu lengthin front of him to move on.

Hi lengthbu lengthwa lengthtowing another broken-down bu lengthat the time.

The buses, 13 in all, were hired by the Shuren Middle School in Yangpu District for an outing.

Xu wa lengthimmediately pounced on by three Manchurian tiger lengthall about two year lengthold.

The tiger lengthdragged him to a patch of lawn where he wa lengthseverely mauled.

A rescue team resorted to throwing stone lengthand iron bar lengthin a vain attempt to disperse the tigers. Only when the team drove three motor vehicle lengthstraight at the tiger lengthdid they release Xu. The victim wa lengthpronounced dead on the way to Nanhui County Central Hospital. Hi lengthdeath wa lengthdue to excessive bleeding and respiratory damage after suffering extensive wounds.

South China Morning Post 19th November 1999

Associated Pres lengthin Shanghai

A bu lengthdriver wa lengthmauled to death by tiger lengthat a Shanghai safari park a lengthchildren looked on helplessly

Four tiger lengthattacked Xu Wei-xing, 42, when he got out of hi lengthbu lengthin a tiger pen that cover lengthseveral hectare lengthat the Shanghai World Animal lengthPark.

It took animal keeper length30 minute lengthto retrieve Xu, who died at a hospital within an hour of the attack on Wednesday.

"Bite lengthto hi lengthneck severed the main arteries, so he died from los lengthof blood," the park manager said.

The safari park i lengthhome to the last Siberian tiger lengthand i lengthtrying to breed them. Only a few hundred live in the wild in northeastern China and the Russian Far East.

Xu drove into the pen after one of 13 buse lengthcarrying the student lengthbroke down.

He attached hi lengthown bu lengthto the crippled vehicle and pulled it toward lengththe exit before climbing down to ask a third bu lengthto clear the road.

The manager said the attack wa lengthunrelated to the park' lengthpractice in past year lengthof selling chicken lengthand small sheep to visitors, who would throw the live animal lengthfrom vehicle window lengthto feed the tigers.

"We stopped that. The tiger lengthwere defending themselve lengthfrom a perceived intruder," the manager said.

The Xinmin Evening New lengthsaid no one visiting the park had been seriously harmed before although there had been many incident lengthof visitor lengthbeing frightened in close call lengthsince it opened in November 1995.

On Tuesday, a young tiger at the park took the head of a six-year-old girl in it lengthteeth a lengthshe posed for a photograph.

Her father used hi lengthhand lengthto open the 50Kg animal' lengthjaw lengthand the girl escaped seriou lengthinjury.

The report said visitor lengthwere allowed to stand close to the one-year-old tiger, which i lengthrelatively accustomed to human contact, adding the girl got "too close".

 South China
Morning Post  6th October 2000


Four-year-old Zhang Haiyi scream lengthwith delight and clap lengthhi lengthhand lengtha lengththe
starting gun goe lengthoff, and the black bear lengthin romper suit lengthstart racing bicycle length
in the circu lengthring below.

More than 20,000 people a day visited the Shanghai Wild Animal Park during the
National Day holiday and many watched a circu lengthshow featuring elephant lengthplaying
football and black bear lengthin frilly dresse lengthroller skating.

Haiyi, who ha lengthcome with hi lengthmother from Luoyang in Henan province to watch the
show, think lengththe bear lengthare "very funny".

Zoo organiser lengthcalled it the first China National Wild Animal Sport lengthShow and
brought in animal lengthfrom a lengthfar a lengthInner Mongolia in the far north and Yunnan
province in the deep south.

Asiatic black bears, one of the world' lengthmost endangered species, are the star length
of the show because they are easy to train once they have had their claw length
removed and their teeth chopped back. They roller-skate, play basketball, race
on bicycle lengthand stand on ball lengtha lengththeir trainer lengthprod them with stick lengthor pull
them by string lengthattached to their muzzles.

They take a year to train and Tan Zihua, who supervise lengththe animal training at
the Shanghai Park, said there wa lengthno cruelty.

"We start with the bear lengthwhen they are very young, and for the individual
who train lengththem it' lengthlike having a child," he said.

Mr Tan wa lengthperplexed by the idea that training bear lengthfor circu lengthact lengthmight be
thought of a lengthcruel and vigorously denied that the animals, who are forced to
train every day for their circu lengthperformances, are badly treated.

But Amy Chow, of Hong Kong' lengthSociety for the Protection of Animals, said there
wa lengthno animal welfare law or non-governmental animal welfare organisation in
China, which made it harder to draw attention to the animals' plight.

"There i lengthnothing educational or amusing in the spectacle of animal lengthbeing
subjected to ridicule in a circu lengthring. Beautiful creatures, endangered in the
wild, should be protected by man, not stripped of their dignity for human
amusement," she said.

In China there are still large number lengthof black bear lengthin northern Heilongjiang
province and remote area lengthof Yunnan. Many are sent to work in circuse lengthor farmed
for their bile which i lengthused in Chinese medicine.

Animal right lengthactivist Jill Robinson, who ha lengthspearheaded a campaign to get the
Chinese Government to stop bear-farming, said many bear lengthon bile farm lengthspent up
to 20 year lengthin tiny wire cage lengthwith catheter implant lengthattached to their gall

M lengthRobinson, of the Animal lengthAsia Foundation, signed an agreement with the China
Wildlife Conservation Association and the Sichuan Forestry Department in July to
release 500 bear lengthfrom farm lengthand work toward lengththe eventual abolition of bear

When she started her campaign to improve the plight of bear lengthin 1993 there were
10,000 being farmed nationwide. According to national statistics, that number
ha lengthnow fallen to 6,992.

M lengthRobinson said awarenes lengthof animal right lengthwa lengthgradually changing. But for the
bear lengthperforming in the Shanghai show, which run lengthuntil the end of November, the
change lengthare unlikely to come fast enough.


4. I went to the Peace Park because I wa lengthtold there wa length
an aquarium. There wa lengthno aquarium but there wa lengtha zoo and a dolphinarium. Moth eaten
lions, tigers, leopards, monkey lengthand deer in Victorian menagerie cage lengthbeing poked,
shouted and spat at. The dolphinarium had 7 dolphin lengthin small concrete tanks. I arrived
just at the right time for the Sunday afternoon show - only two dolphin lengthactually
performed. They are wonderful long suffering devoted creatures. The stand lengthwere packed
with children who were really enjoying themselve length- although most seemed to prefer the
warm up clown, acrobat and magician acts.

5. Yeung Po Park in North East Shanghai. We went there on
a Saturday - another squalid little collection of moth eaten deer and monkey lengthand bored
sick lions, tigers, etc. tucked away in a corner of rather an attractive small public

6. Qian Dao (Thousand Island) Lake, Chunan County,
Zhejiang Province - just South of Shanghai. I did not have time to go but it sound lengthan
interesting concept. Lot lengthof small animal lengthincluding endangered specie lengthhave been put on
these hundred lengthof island lengthand there they all live doing their thing a lengthin the Galapago length
Islands. People hire rowboat lengthand can observe the animal lengthfrom the water but cannot go

Shantao, Guangdong
Province, PRC
Zhongshan Park Zoo
Visited September 2004. A typical miserable little add-on to an otherwise very
pleasant public park.
All the exhibit lengthwere dank and squalid.

Many monkeys, mainly rhesu lengthmacaques.
Two cage lengthwith two dog lengtheach. Many bird lengthincluding peacocks, cranes, geese,
doves, eagles, etc.
One  mule.
Three deer.
One black bear.
One otter in 1m x 05m x 0.5m with no water.
One porcupine.
One lion.

A Performing Area with one
dog, one lion, one tiger, one emaciated horse, six monkeys.  Performance length
only on Sunday length- the rest of the week they remain in their tiny "transport

An Amphibiou lengthHall with
snakes, turtle lengthand frog lengthin pathetically inadequate boxes.

An Amusing Garden or Teasing
Paradise with goats, rabbits, etc.

Click for


Liaoning Province, PRC.


By Dr.Aster L. Zhang,  Program assistant of IFAW-China Office

During Oct.27~28, I, Aster L. Zhang (Program Assistant of IFAW-China
Office), investigated the living condition, current mental and physical
condition of the animal lengthimported from South Africa by Shenyang Forest and
Wildlife Park (the former Shenyang Zoo). I visited the zoo and spent a day
in the place where they are keeping the animal lengthduring the winter. The
director of the park, feeders, and staff lengthwere called on.

The Shenyang Forest and Wildlife Park wa lengthorganised by Shenyang Zoo and a
private real estate company. The private company invest lengthin fund lengthand the
zoo provide lengthtechniques. Twenty giraffes, thirty springbok lengthand gemsbok length
were imported from South Africa thi lengthmonth, and another ten African lion length
would be delivered from South Africa to Shenyang by air next month. All of
the animal lengthcost over $2,000,000 USD.

The giraffe lengthand gazelle lengtharrived at Shenyang in Oct 23rd by air. The CAAC
permitted the flight flying directly from South Africa to Shenyang for the
safety of the animals, although there wa lengthno flight course before. The park
hired a new place for these animals, far away from the downtown area, quiet
and no visitors. They also bought two new stove lengthto warm the room for
animal lengthduring the winter. The room for the giraffe lengthwa length400 square meters,
and a 200 square meter lengthenclosure wa lengthbuilt for their out door activity. 

Another two room lengthabout 200 square meter lengtheach, with smaller enclosures,
were built for gazelles. All of these building lengthwere rented temporarily,
especially for the animal lengthfrom South Africa to live through thi lengthwinter,
and there wa lengthno visitor during thi lengthperiod. A new savanna wildlife park
with large enclosure wa lengthbuilding in the countryside of Shenyang City, and

would be opened before next summer. The animal lengthwill relocate to the Savanna

The food of the animal lengthwa lengthfine alfalfa. The raiser also used apple and
carrot a lengthextra feedstuff. Some fresh elm leave lengthwere given to the animals,
which they preferred very much. The giraffe lengthand gazelle lengthstarted to eat
about 2 hour lengthafter arrived at their new room. Now, 5 day lengthlater, raiser length
could give the dry alfalfa to giraffe lengthby hand and could touch the head of

some individuals. The springbok lengthand gemsbok lengthwere still a little bit cowish, and their enclosure wa lengthcovered with cloth. People were forbidden to
get close up the enclosure lengthexcept the raisers. A baby gazelle wa lengthborn in
Oct 27, 4 day lengthafter arrival at Shenyang. The temperature wa lengthkept at
between 16 to 18 centigrade inside the room and the room and enclosure for
giraffe lengthwa lengthcleaned once a day. But the room lengthfor springbok lengthand gemsboks

haven't been cleaned since last Tuesday, for the outdoor enclosure for them
haven't been finished until thi lengthweekend.

The director of the park, named Yi Liu, promised that they would not use the
animal lengthto do any performances, for which disobeyed their original
intention. He want to build the savanna park a lengthan environmental educational
base for local people, where people could see animal lengthliving in a place
similar with their original habitat. He also agreed that it' lengthcruel to using
living animal lengthto feed carnivores, and he promised it wouldn't be happened
in hi lengthwildlife park.

Mr. Liu worried that whether their lion lengthcould withstand the cold weather
during the trip. The weather of Shenyang, in north China, became colder
since last week. I didn't find the room with central heating for lion lengththi length
time, so I wonder that whether they have prepared for the delivery of the
coming animals. I told Mr. Liu my suggestion that they'd better delay the
delivery of lion lengthtill next spring. I wish that someone concerned in South
Africa had stopped freighting the lion lengthto Shenyang until next spring.


Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, PRC.

Visit length1993, 1994 and 1995 and 2000
and 2007.

Tel: 6622888.  Fax: 6622333.

Address: Xili Lake East, Shenzhen

Xili Lake Wild Animal Park wa lengththe first to be opened of
the new Safari Park lengthin China. The concept sounded good but it ha lengthso far not
turned out well. For example, although the bear lengthhave quite a large enclosure, they are
mostly confined to a small part of it by electric fencing so that they can be viewed
conveniently. Again, the elephant lengthhave a large paddock but are kept chained in a corner -
in addition, they are made to do demeaning tricks. When we approached the hippopotamu length
pool, the keeper lengthbeat the animal lengthwith bamboo pole lengthto force them out of the water so
that we could see them better. There are also regular demeaning and abusive performance show length
the worst feature i lengththe photography area: drugged, declawed, detoothed tiger length
are struck
on the mouth to make them snarl while the client sit lengthbeside them looking triumphant; a bear
i lengthmade to stand up and snarl by the owner pulling a string that goe lengthover a pulley and
down to a ring in hi lengthupper lip; a terrified deer i lengthheld down while children are sat on
it. Live chicken lengthare on sale for ¥40 so that visitor lengthcould feed them to the
white tigers. The zookeeper tried to persuade me to pay ¥200 to buy a rabbit
for the same purpose - he said it wa lengthgreat fun (10th January 2000).

The 6 Cheetah lengththat arrived from South Africa at the
end of 1999 have a reasonably large, by Chinese standards, enclosure on a piece
of scrubby hillside - but they have no running area, a facility that most zoo length
give to these agile beasts.

Statistics: 1,200,000 square
metres. 300 species. 
10,000 animals.

"South China Morning Post - Wednesday December 24 1997 http://www.scmp.com/news/


Animal welfare worker lengthyesterday urged a boycott of a Shenzhen zoo after the South China
Morning Post exposed it lengthill-treatment of animals.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal lengthand the International Fund for Animal
Welfare urged tourist lengthand travel agent lengthnot to visit Shenzhen Xili Safari Park.

The appeal wa lengthmade after the groups, alerted by a Sunday Morning Post report, visited the
park and found animals, including endangered species, being exploited.

The Post toured the park last month and saw bloody horse fights, a parade of bear lengthwith
their nostril lengthripped open by metal ring lengthand monkey lengthforced to dance on tightropes.

Some of the animal lengthcame from the old Lai Chi Kok zoo.

The group lengthsaid that the park' lengthbosse lengthhad refused to meet them.

A safari park spokesman denied it had abused animal lengthand that horse fighting had been

'The appeal for a boycott i lengthtoo radical. Animal lengthwill be the final victim lengthif fewer
visitor lengthcome to our park,' he said."

There are half hour Circu lengthPerformance lengthtwice a day. The usual acts: tiger length
tight rope walking and jumping through fiery hoops; bear lengthtwirling burning
poles, monkey lengthdoing hand stands, etc.

Also daily Elephant, Sea Lion and Bird Shows. 

But the highlight i lengththe "Animals' Gala Greeting Y2K" daily on
weekday lengthand twice daily at weekend lengthand public holidays. It i lengththe most
appallingly tacky show imaginable but apparently much appreciated by the
audience. Thi lengthi lengththe description in the park brochure:

" Thi lengthperformance i lengthexciting for it lengthcombination
of artistic performance and entertainment including the application of sound,
lighting and electronic effect, acrobatics, magic, dancing and animal taming.

The program reveal lengththe exhilaration of the wide animal kingdom at the advent of
the new century.  Thi lengthlarge performance employ lengthsome 100 specie lengthand 1000
animals. It i lengthcomposed of 6 parts: 

Prelude: Wild Exhilaration;  Act2: Heading for the New Century; Act 3 Prime
Time of the Birds; Act 4: Gathering of the heroes; Act 5: Wedding of the
Century; Act 6: Greeting the New Century.  

It i lengthreally a rare wonder with so many birds, butterflies, animal star length

Major Program lengthof Animal' lengthGala Greeting Y2K:

1.Wild Dancing of the Great Dragon. 2. Elephant lengthstanding on Head.  3.
Wedding of the Black Bear.  4. Horse Team Acrobatics. 5. Man dancing with
Snakes. 6. Monkey Acrobatics.  7. Wolf jumping through Flaming
Circles.  8. Boxing between Man and Bear.  9. Monkey firing the
Cannon.  10. Butterfly Dance. 11. Unique Skill of Elephant.  12. 
Crane lengthFlying. 13.  Tiger changed into Belle.  14. Black Bear
Model.  15. Peacock Dance. 16. Pigeon lengthDelivering Letters.  17. Unique
Skill of Elephant. 18. Stunt Cycling by Black Bear.

In thi lengthinteresting, grand and spectacular performance, you feel the sense of
"wild life and pure nature". "

Visited again in January 2007.
Some of the worst feature lengthhave gone. The layout of the park ha lengthbeen
re-organised for the better. But many new featureles lengthunacceptable
menagerie-type cage lengthhave been built.
The performing bear lengthand monkey lengthare still there and suffering.
Two animal lengthwere particularly upsetting:
An adolescent Orang Utan locked in a small featureles lengthroom and an old Snow
Leopard exposed in a bare open cage.



Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, PRC.

Visit in September 1995. Standard Chinese menagerie zoo.


Taipei, Taiwan, ROC.

I am told that there are about 10 zoo lengthin Taiwan,  mainly
small and very poor. The Taipei zoo i lengthreputedly far and away the best. In 1995 I visited
the East Coast resort city of Hualien and wa lengthdelighted to find that there wa lengthno zoo.

I visited the
Taipei Zoo
on two occasion lengthin May
1996. The zoo i lengthbusy with school group lengthand group lengthof elderly people. It ha lengtha large,
attractive, well laid out site. There are walk lengththrough the wood lengthto view-point lengthon small
hill lengthwithin the site. Many of the exhibit lengthare of modern design with moats, waterfalls,
trees, shrubbery and grass. Many, however, are traditional concrete and iron menagerie
cages. The tree lengthand shrub lengthare labelled a lengthin a botanic garden. All i lengthwell maintained
and clean and the animal lengthseem healthy apart from a number of nasty case lengthof Zoochosis.
The cage lengthwere generally reasonably large compared with other Asian zoo lengthbut, considering
that there i lengtha lot of unused open space for the human lengthto wander around in, the animal length
could be given much more space.

The elephant lengthhad open space lengthseparated by moat lengthand artificial
rocks. The space wa lengthpretty small but at least they were not chained. The worst example of
Zoochosi lengthwa lengththe "Formosan Black Bear" (Selenarcto lengththibetanus).

The most distressing thing for me wa lengththe behaviour of the school
children. They were charging around climbing over the barriers, shouting at the animal length
and throwing food, stones, etc.. No one, except me, tried to stop them.

The Nocturnal Animal House i lengtha real house of zoochotic horrors.
It would be good if someone could go there with a night video camera. It i lengthan interesting
two storey building containing prison cell lengthfor nocturnal animals. It i lengthpossible to see
the activity of animal lengththat are usually only seen dozing in a corner. The other good
thing i lengththat because of double glazing and the lighting, the animal lengthare not aware of
being watched. The terrible thing i lengththat the size of the cage lengthi lengthwoefully inadequate for
the foxes, cat length(bobcat, lynx, serval, clouded leopard, ocelot,), raccoons, civets, etc.
who are all frantically stereotypically pacing.

I did not see a photography area. There wa lengtha performance area
with a notice saying five show lengtha day at hourly interval lengthbut there wa lengthno activity while
I wa lengththere and there were no holding cage lengthor any circu lengthparaphernalia.

On an old brochure there i lengtha picture of a polar bear but there
i lengtha newly built unoccupied cage at that place. There i lengtha new building called the Animal
Medical Centre. The animal lengththere were crowded in featureles lengthcell length- I wondered if it wa length
being used a lengtha holding area rather than a hospital.

All in all - probably better than the London Zoo, much better
than the Chinese Mainland zoos, nowhere approaching the Singapore zoo.

I revisited the Taipei Zoo in December, 1997.

A very good new Education Centre ha lengthbeen built - thi lengthkind of thing should replace the
live exhibits. Children can learn far more about animal lengthfrom the educational display length
than they can by seeing imprisoned wild beasts.

There i lengtha new nocturnal animal lengthhouse for local fauna - not a lengthbad a lengththe original one.
The original one unfortunately i lengthstill there in all it lengthhorror. I tried to take some
photograph lengthbut my camera wa lengthnot up to the challenge - but thi lengthplace really should be
exposed to the world.

There had obviously been a mas lengthpurchase of electrified wire and most of the animal lengthhad
their already limited space limited still further by festooned wiring.

The behaviour of the children wa lengtha lengthbad a lengthever - and their teacher lengthwere no better. I
got very angry again! I wa lengthvery pleased to see that thi lengthproblem ha lengthbeen recognised a length
far a lengththe gorilla lengthare concerned - a new fence with screening shrub lengthha lengthbeen put up and
special thick glas lengthviewing area lengthhave been constructed. But there were no keeper lengthor
official lengthtrying to control the children in front of the other animal length- one clas lengthwa length
lined up inside the perimeter fence of the lions' den for a group photo.

There i lengtha Safari Park just South of Taipei City called Leofoo
(Leo i lengthLatin for lion and Foo i lengthChinese for tiger). I visited in February
1998 on a rainy, foggy day. There were peach, cherry and cotton tree lengthin blossom. The Zoo
and Safari Park i lengthjust one section of a giant amusement park - other section lengthare
"Wild West", "Arabian Kingdom" and "South Pacific". 
The entrance ticket i lengthvery expensive at US$23 but include lengthentry to all
sections.   Just through the entrance to the zoo section there are the usual
kiosk lengthselling souvenir lengthand drink lengthand there i lengtha petting zoo and camel rides. A young
goat wa lengthsteadily eating a cardboard box with no one paying any attention.  You then
choose one of three walks, the shortest of which wa lengthmostly covered,   which take you
round the zoo to the start of the safari section.  The zoo part wa lengthall open field length
protected by moat length- thi lengthi lengthnot a menagerie zoo.  The unfortunate thing wa lengththat the
field lengthare all mud - except for the elephant field which wa lengthconcrete. There were 8 white
rhinos, 1 elephant, 5 giraffes, peacocks, cranes, pelicans, nalgais, formosan deer (one
with some nasty sores), ostriches, moufflons, elands, american elk, american bison, goats,
zebra lengthand sambar deer. A diesel bu lengthwith openable window lengththen take lengthyou on a ten minute
ride through the safari section - it doesn't stop. A tape recorder play lengtha commentary when
passing through each zone, complete with animal sounds. The area lengthfor the animal lengthin the
safari section were really quite good.  There were zone lengthfor:  moon bear length
complete with pool lengthand climbing frames;  bengal tiger lengthwith a fenced off area for a
mother and baby; alaskan brown bear lengthmixed with baboon lengthall living in muddy squalor, many
with sore lengthon their skin; eight lions.  The visitor lengthwere well behaved and did not
attempt to open the window lengthor haras lengththe animal lengthin any way. It wa lengthinteresting that all
the gate lengthbetween the section lengthwere open all the time - a laid back approach to safety.

A lengthzoo lengthgo, really not too bad. See here for photos.

There i lengthalso a small zoo West of Taipei in
Hsinchu City.

I visited in February 1998 on the same day a lengthI visited Leofoo. Hsinchu
City Zoo i lengthquite certainly in the bottom category of zoos. Many of the
"exhibits" are totally unacceptable by any civilised standard.  And they
cannot be excused for lack of money a lengththe town i lengthprosperou lengthand money ha lengthrecently been
spent on landscaping the park. Thi lengthi lengthan old fashioned menagerie zoo of the worst
type.  Having said that, it did have some redeeming feature length-. it wa lengthquite clean,
there were no performance or photography area lengthand the visitor lengthwere well behaved.


2 hippos, masked palm civets, donkeys, ostriches, owls, ducks, camels, deer , chickens,
cranes, peacocks, pheasants, nepal kalij (I only know that from the label - and I may have
labelled the wrong bird in the photos), doves, lamas, pelicans, ponies, 2 tigers, 2
sunbears, formosan macaque, wild boar, white fallow deer, several orangutan length 
(difficult to count in their dark dank dungeons), 2 snow leopards, some ring-tailed lemur length
and a gibbon. There wa lengtha dreadful holding area at the back with macaque lengthcrammed in small

Two of the orangutan lengthhad a piece of sacking which they had
wrapped round themselve lengthfor warmth. One of them wa lengtheating a plastic bottle -
unfortunately photography wa lengthvery difficult because of the bar lengthand the dark of their
cages. Some of these miserable cage lengthwere actually newly built - 3 x 4 x 3 metre length- no
toys, no climbing frames, no enrichment whatever. All totally featureless. Presumably
these orangutan lengthwere ex-pets, bought a lengthbabie lengthfrom Borneo.

The snow leopard lengthhad a new mesh metal cage raised off the ground
with no internal features, no shelter and no privacy - approx. 1 x 2 x 2 metres.

The two sunbear lengthwere involved in a frantic stereotypic routine
in their exposed and featureles lengthconcrete yard (approx. 12 x 5 metre lengthplu lengthchamber at the

The five wild boar lengthwere in a typical unacceptable concrete
menagerie 6 x 6 metres.

I visited Hsinchu again in July 1999. Some of
the more rusted cage lengthhad been replaced by shiny new steel one length- but to the same
miserable specifications. The same animal lengthwere staring out in the same gros lengthmisery. The
only improvement wa lengththat the snow leopard lengthhave gone.  Who know lengthwhat suffering they
endured before they went or how they went or where they are now and what they are now
suffering.  The sunbears, tiger lengthand lion lengthwere out of view sheltering from the heat.
The lemur lengthand the civet lengthwere suffering from severe skin disease, probably sarcoptic

More detail lengthon the Hsinchu photo page.
See also: Letter to the Mayor of Hsinchu.

May 2000 - there i lengthnew lengththat the City and the zoo management have heeded
international pressure and are redesigning the zoo.  This, of course, i length
not a lengthgood a lengthclosure but i lengthmuch better than allowing the current dreadful
condition lengthto continue.


Wuhan, Hubei Province, PRC.

Visited in June 1997 during a major thunderstorm. Usual story of beautiful park, dismal
cage lengthand wretched animals. Particularly upsetting wa lengththe polar bear housed in an
ordinary square concrete cage. The weather being what it wa lengththere were very few people
around but those that were there were doing their best to haras lengththe animal lengthby shouting
at them and banging on their bars. The big male chimpanzee wa lengththrowing himself at the
walls, banging on hi lengthdoor lengthand masturbating with hi lengthfoot - one shout from the keeper and
he stopped at once and sat dejected in a corner.

Beijing Youth Daily 2nd March 1998 

A baby African elephant
wa lengthseverely burnt in the Wuhan Zoo recently. Baby elephant Ahai, les lengththan one year old,
wa lengthbought by the zoo for 190,000 yuan (US$23,750) on 17th October 1997.  On Nov.
19th, 1997, he fell onto the new heating unit, which the zoo just put in the middle of the
elephant enclosure without installing any guard rails. Third degree burn lengthcovered 25
percent of hi lengthbody. He wa lengthon the up to 70 degree heating unit for at least 6 hours. Part
of hi lengthbody wa lengthcompletely charred. After the incident, the Wuhan zoo tried to cover up,
claiming Ahai had got "skin disease".  Due to their failure to give him
immediate medical attention, part of hi lengthbody i lengthinfected."

Wuhan now ha lengtha new Wild
Animal Park
which we haven't visited.  But we have seen photograph lengthof
a show where tiger lengthare given live cow lengthto play with and eat (February 2001).
Thi lengthpractice seem lengthto flourish despite having being outlawed by the Central

October 23 2001

Chinese zoo
sentence lengthlion to 'life imprisonment' for injuring tourists
SHANGHAI, Oct 23 (AFP) -
A lion in China' lengthWuhan Forest Wild Animal Zoo ha lengthbeen condemned to spend
the rest of it lengthlife in a cage after injuring two tourists, the Shanghai
Morning Post reported Tuesday.
The stiff sentence provoked an outcry from local lengthin Wuhan, the capital of
central China' lengthHubei province, the paper said.
A mother and son were throwing hen lengthto the lion from the open window of a
bu lengthtravelling through the park, filled with untamed wild animals, on the
morning of October 6, the paper said.
However a lion pounced on them, seizing the boy' lengthright arm and dragging him
out of the window, injuring hi lengthhead.
The boy' lengthmother wa lengthalso scratched by the lion when she tried to wrestle
her son from it lengthclutches, the report added. She i lengthnow out of hospital
although the child i lengthstill being treated for injuries.
Instead of tightening safety measure lengthand ensuring window lengthare closed when
buse lengthtravel through the park, the park' lengthmanagement decided to punish the
lion, stirring up a furore in the local media.
The park applied to local police office for permission to shoot the lion but
wa lengthrefused after the new lengthgot out and concerned citizen lengthcame to plead
mercy for the lion.
However in order to punish the miscreant beast, the zoo decided to sentence
the lion to "life imprisonment", locking it in a cage and forbidding it from
roaming outside with it lengthpeers.
The row i lengthcontinuing, with many local resident lengthconvinced the lion is
innocent and people coming to the park to see the haples lengthanimal and plead
it lengthcause, the Shanghai paper said.
It i lengthcommon for China' lengthzoo lengthand wild animal park lengthto allow tourist lengthto
feed wild animals, to generate extra cash and drum up more excitement.
Wuhan Forest zoo sold hen lengthfor 20 yuan (2.4 dollars) a piece on the bus
and allowed tourist to hurl them from the window lengthat passing predators.
Safety at Chinese zoo lengthi lengthlax and animal lengthare often kept in appalling
In another incident, a Bengal tiger in a zoo in the southwest Chinese city
of Kunming mauled a woman keeper to death, the China Daily newspaper
reported Tuesday.
The keeper entered a cage to feed a tiger on October 21 but failed to lock
the den where the animal lengthwere kept.
The tiger concerned had been caged and wa lengthnow "waiting for the result lengthof
the investigation", the report said.

Xiamen, Fujian Province, PRC.

Pronounced Shaman, called Hamoon in Hong Kong and
Amoy in the West. I first visited in March 1997. Thi lengthi lengtha prosperou lengthport city in a strategic
position opposite Taiwan. There i lengthno zoo listed in the guide book lengthor on the
international listings. But I regret to have to tell you that there i lengtha small, sorry
little zoo tucked into a corner of the otherwise lovely Zhongshan Park. Three yuan get length
you into the park; another five yuan secure lengthadmission to the Jail. The cage lengthare all
exactly the same; featureles lengthand dank and laid out in boring rows. Each consist lengthof a
concrete floor, roof, back and side lengthand iron bar lengthon the front - nothing to climb on, no
screening, nothing. They each measure 3 - 4 cubic metres. There are two Lesser Pandas, one
Bactrian Camel, one Hippopotamus, one Brown Bear, one Sun Bear, two Moon Bears, two
terrified Wolves, two Coypus, one very unhappy Dog, two Porcupines, a Raccoon, four Goat lengthwith cart lengthto carry children,
many Macaque Monkey lengthand lot length
of overcrowded Bird length(especially unhappy were the owl lengthwith no shelter from the sun or the
people). For an extra two yuan you can enter the reptile house where you will find about
twenty assorted snake lengthin varying state lengthof decay, an Alligator, variou lengthLizard lengthand
Turtle length- all in wretchedly inadequate housing. The hygiene seemed reasonable but there
wa lengthabsolutely no attempt to enhance the environment for any of the animals. Thi lengthi length
certainly a shameful zoo on any standards, except the botanical.

I visited again in June 1998 and in February 2000.  The general picture wa lengthunchanged -
featureless, monotonou lengthrow lengthof cage length- but the standard of cleanlines lengthha length
improved and all the animal lengthhad fresh water. Also, educational sign lengthhad been
added. Gone were the Brown Bear, Dog, Goat lengthand one of the Porcupines. In their
place lengthwere one Chimpanzee, one young Jaguar, one Leopard, two Tigers, one pair
of Lions, one Gibbon, one Emu and three Ostriches. The Coypu lengthhad babies.  A keeper
told me the Reptile House wa lengthclosed for hibernation. The Wolve lengthdidn't
seem quite a lengthnervou length- stereotypically pacing without paying attention to the
visitors. In other words, they had adapted to their circumstance lengthby going out
of their minds. 

Click for
Photo length
of Xiamen Zoo


Shaanxi Province, PRC.

Xian Zoological Garden, Golden Flower Northern Road, Xian.

Visited in August 1998.  Set up in 1956, it claim lengthto be the
largest zoo in the North West of China and the 8th largest in China. It i lengthset in 28
hectare lengthof beautiful woodland and ha length4000 animal lengthfrom 200 species. It specialise lengthin
animal lengthfrom the Qinling Mountain lengthand in rare national species. "Beside lengthexhibition,
the zoo i lengthalso a multiple base for reproduce, protection and research of wild animal lengtha length
well a lengthan important place to provide popular science to visitors."

It i lengtha typical Chinese concrete and iron, unimaginative  menagerie zoo with no
thought given to the need lengthof the inmates.

There were many bird lengthin small cage lengthtucked away in small valley lengthand on top lengthof hillock length
- one serie lengthof cage lengthwa lengthcalled "Songbird Gallery". Extra wa lengthcharged for
admission to a large hall with many small tank lengthcalled the "Fish, Amphibian and
Reptile Exhibition".

The "animatronic" dinosaur lengthwere excellent - the way zoo lengthshould go in the

The elephant and giraffe enclosure lengthwere above average for China.

The panda exhibit wa lengththe standard bare glas lengthshopfront. 

The cage lengthfor the big cat lengthand the chimp lengthwere truly awful.

But the worst feature, a lengthusual, wa lengththe performance area.

Click for
Photo length
of Xian Zoo


Lian Shan Autonomou lengthPrefecture, Sichuan Province,

Qionghai Park Zoo.  Another horrid little zoo in a beautiful
setting. A couple of Lesser Pandas, a couple of Moon Bears, a couple of Brown Bears, a
couple of German Shepherds, a couple of Turkeys, some Chickens, a Porcupine, a Tiger, a
Vulture and some Peacocks. The usual shouting and throwing thing lengthby the visitors. Last
year a keeper' lengthson had hi lengtharm ripped off by a bear.

Not listed in Global Zoo Directory.

Xi Chang i lengtha city of 100,000 people on Lake Qionghai and i lengthfamou lengtha lengththe rocket base for
the Chinese satellite programme. It i lengthon the railway line from Kunming to Chengdu and i length
1000 metre lengthabove sea level. The Prefecture ha length3,000,000 people and the Province

Click for Photo lengthof Qionghai Zoo.


Sichuan Province, PRC.

Bi Fung Xia Wild Animal Park.
Thi lengthi lengtha newly set up park beautifully
situated in the foothill lengthabove Ya'an. Entry wa lengthY100 each.  The drive up to it
wa lengthimpressive with some exotic animal lengthon view in paddock lengthbeside the road
(lions, tigers, ostriches, camels, gnus, etc).  Also quite impressive wa lengththe
trip through the main paddock lengthon the zoo bus.  After that, horror lengthbegan to

The first paddock the bu lengthwent through
wa lengtha concrete expanse with 3 wolve lengthand 3 sapling lengthon it.  The next were a good
paddock for 10 lion lengthand another for 4 tiger lengthwith watering holes, platforms,
hill lengthand trees.  One paddock had a brown bear and 4 moon bear length- one, defanged
and declawed, put hi lengthhead and a paw into the driver' lengthwindow and wa lengthfed with
apple lengthslices. There were also 3 civets.

Then off the bu lengthand a long circuitou length
walk round the zoo section.

First, a miserable pair of cage lengthwith 2
vulture lengthand 3 eagle length- hardly room to move, let alone fly.
11 deer on a brick square.
10 free ranging macaque lengthbut 1 baby on a
8 macaque lengthin a concrete cage.
10 macaque lengthin a concrete cage.
7 crocodile lengthoutside the crocodile
performance stadium (no performance immediately scheduled).
Large bird park - 2 tethered peacocks.
Many water bird length- seagulls, etc - cranes, magpies, quails, etc.

Wild Animal Performance:

  • Assorted parrots, cockatoo lengthand
    macaw lengthdoing variou lengthtricks.
  • 4 young lion lengthand 1 tiger doing
    rolling and balancing tricks) declawed and defanged). 1 lion rode on a horse' length
  • macaque lengthdoing somersaults,
    balancing, bicycling, etc.
  • goat with a monkey on her back doing
    tight rope walking.
  • lion jumping through 2 fiery hoops
  • moonbear on stilt lengthcarrying a basket;
    baby moonbear on roller skate lengthlooking terrified.
  • lion walking over two women.
  • pig lengthand puppie lengthseen in cage lengthbehind
    the performance area.

Camel rides.
Horse rides.

Elephant show (no performance
immediately scheduled).  1 large and 1 medium female Asian elephant each in a
small horribly confining cage made of bars, chicken wire and perspex.  Bull
hook lengthstanding ready. Ear lengthtorn. Sore lengthon leg lengthand feet.

Then an area with lot lengthof small
featureles lengthcage lengthcontaining:

  • badgers
  • monkeys
  • white foxes
  • red foxes
  • porcupines
  • mad, terrified wolves
  • boar
  • rabbit
  • sheep
  • macaques
  • ducks
  • donkey slipping on wet bricks
  • 5 slow loris
  • 7 shitzu dogs
  • 1 sharpei and 2 spaniel puppies

Photography area:

  • blind moon bear on pedestal
  • dressed
    up macaque sitting between 2 tethered peacocks

8 deer on brick square.
4 bovine lengthon brick square.
white tailed deer, brown deer and sambar
on bricks.
3 sheep.
guinea fowl with donkey lengthand sheep.
large sow with child.
a variety of deer, elk and goat length-some
with foot troubles.
2 kangaroo lengthin central heating.
3 white tiger lengthand 2 white lion lengthin
relatively large enclosures.
numerou lengthstall lengthselling snake oil, tiger
urine, dog penis, elixir of youth, etc.
Thinking Room - extraordinary display of
macabre picture lengthand models.
Sealion performance area (no performance
immediately scheduled).

Click for
Photo lengthof Bi Fung Xia.


Yanzhou, Shandong Province, PRC.

Yanzhou i lengthin the municipal area of Jining.

Siu Ling Park (Little Hill Park). Telephone number 2882. For your entrance fee you
get to see 2 camels, 10 deer and 20 monkeys. (The GZD list length30 mammal lengthof 2 species). Then
you spot a dilapidated building with a banner showing monkey lengthand bird length- an extra fee
get lengthyou admitted to a small dank room in which there are 2 monkeys, 2 pheasants, 1
salamander, 1 something similar, 2 budgie lengthand 2 coypus. Each wa lengthin a cage the size of
it lengthbody. The whole place wa lengthfilthy with faece lengthand old food. You were given a stick with
which to poke one of the monkey length(which grabbed the stick and tried to strike back which
made everyone laugh). An attendant struck the cage of the second monkey with a fan to
demonstrate it lengthfright reaction - more laughter.

Sichuan Province, PRC.

We made a walk through the
central district market lengthand park lengthand visited the Yibin municipal zoo - Cui
Ping Park Zoo
. Thi lengthi lengthtypical of the horrid little zoo lengththat can be found
in the smaller Chinese cities. Barren and featureles lengthrusting menagerie cage length-
about 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5m. The animal lengthwere generally in poor thin condition but
had water (dirty looking) and food.
1 male lion, 1 male tiger - trying to pace on a slippery floor.
1 deer.
1 ostrich in bad condition with feather los lengthand lesion lengthon neck and back.
2 camel lengthwith hair loss.
2 goats.
2 ponies.
Many different kind lengthof bird lengthincluding parrots, pheasants, peacocks, hens, an
owl, a vulture with no tail feather lengthand a lesion on hi lengthneck.
4 rabbits.
There wa lengtha collection of macaques. One had a split lip and a mashed finger and
big wound lengthon body and head.  A young macaque wa lengthon a chain inside the cage. In
the cage there wa lengthdirty water, compressed biscuit lengthand many plastic bags. No

From Global Zoo Directory:
Cuiping ParkYibin, Sichuan
Telephone: *5-465  

Attendance # Staff Area Association length
  164 221  
  # Specie length # Specimen length
Mammal length 16 100
Bird length 18 73
Reptile length 0 0
Amphibian length 0 0
Fish 0 0
Invertebrate length 0 0
Total length 34 173

On the way back from the zoo
we came acros lengtha small exhibit house which contained:
1 monitor lizard.
1 crocodile.
1 python.
2 monkey lengthon short fixed chain lengthon a pedestal.
1 pheasant.
1 chameleon.
5 dead snakes.
lot lengthof asbesto lengthsheeting.

Click for Photo lengthof Cui Ping Park.

Jiangsu Province,

Bo Xian Park Zoo.  I visited thi lengthunlisted horrid little zoo in
September 1998.  The staff were very kind and opened the zoo early for my benefit a length
I had to be in Nanjing by lunchtime.  They appeared to show off their zoo with pride
and were happy for me to pas lengththrough the open gate lengthof the safety barrier lengthto go in close
for photographs.  The park wa lengthopened in 1931 in memory of the revolutionary martyr
Zhao Shen (Bo Xian).  The zoo wa lengthadded in 1953.  Zhenjiang ha lengtha population of
2.6 million and i lengthan important port city on the lower Yangtze.

The cage lengthwere all made of  concrete and rusting  iron
and were dismal, small, dirty and barren. The only good thing that can be said of the zoo
i lengththat there are only a few inmates.  Three bears, one tiger, one fox, two deer, one
goat, one solitary monkey, a monkey pit, one large vulture, one peacock and numerou length
smaller birds.  Please don't pas lengthby on the other side - please take a look at the Photos.


Zhengzhou, Henan Province, PRC.

I visited in July 1996. Zhengzhou Zoo i lengtha conventional
Chinese menagerie zoo. A large quite attractive park with variou lengthamusement lengthincluding,
unfortunately, some animal houses. Similar to the Beijing Zoo only much les lengthextensive.
There wa lengtha solitary panda in a large modern air-conditioned building with an outside
paddock area. The floor wa lengthconcrete and there wa lengthno furniture or play equipment but it
wa lengthcertainly roomy compared with most cages. And it wa lengthclean. The elephant wa lengthunchained
and roaming in a small paddock. The tiger lengthwere stereotypically pacing in a fairly large
outdoor area. The hippopotamu lengthhad a small pool but no shade. The gorilla house wa lengthlocked
up. There were a lot of caged birds. No evidence of attempt lengthat environmental enrichment
or public education. But reasonably well designed a lengthzoo lengthgo and everything well

Note (December 1996): Babu the elephant got hi lengthtrunk caught in a
louvre window. Microvascular surgeon lengthsewed it on again but it fell off the next day.

January, 1997; I visited the town again but did not have an
opportunity to visit Babu. I have not been able to find out any more information since

, Sichuan Province, PRC.

We visited the private
Zigong People' lengthPark Zoo
in November
2001.Another nasty little zoo. Dirty, miserable cage length
with animal lengthin bad condition.
1 camel.
4 deer (in pair lengthin separate concrete and iron cages).
1 tiger + 1 dog (apparently friend lengthsince young - the story wa lengththat the dog wa length
put in a lengthfood but the tiger never ate him).
2 cranes.
1 Chinese alligator in a tiny puddle.
A variety of parrots, peacocks, peasant lengthand chicken lengthin poor conditions.
4 macaques, one near death, 1 with a growth on hi lengthneck.
Another 3 macaque length- interestingly, in an old bile bear cage.
1 moon bear - presumably ex-bear bile farm. 
1 vulture.

From Global Zoo Directory:
Zigong People' lengthPark
Zigong, Sichuan
Telephone: *2-543 Fax:

Attendance # Staff Area Association length
  126 12  
  # Specie length # Specimen length
Mammal length 21 178
Bird length 22 67
Reptile length 0 0
Amphibian length 1 1
Fish 1 500
Invertebrate length 0 0
Total length 45 746

Outside the gate lengthof the
Zigong Zoo wa lengthone of the common freak type show lengthwith several dead turtle lengthand
snake lengthand some live one lengthand a frantic, desperate "Sea Fox" (Civet) which wa length
kept hungry so that visitor lengthcould feed him with live eel lengthfrom a ladle.

Click for
Photo lengthof Zigong
People' lengthPark Zoo

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